Drag racers in electronics from SIR Super Chevy Show

Great stuff from www.speedsceneracing.com, Drag racers in electronics B=1 class at SIR raceway during the Super Chevy Show. This is the final!

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How to use the Perfect Launch(TM)
This instructional video shows how to use all the features of the Perfect Launch reaction tree by PROFORM.

Peter Svensson runs the quickest Top Fuel Bike ET in the history of drag racing.
This is The Definitive and Conclusive High Definition Video of Peter Svenssons fantastic run of 5.709 seconds at Tierp Arena, Sweden, in Q2 on the afternoon of August 24, 2012. Obviously it's a tremendeous effort by all the members of Team STARTA Racing but also a huge thanks to producer SmartTV headed up by Robert Karström, Jonas Alholt for the mobile camera shots and Anders "Bostic" Envall for the most excellent editing.

dtr 4-24-10 delay box error.wmv
First try with cross talk...entered the wrong amount in delay OOPS

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So U think U can Race? Test yours skills, Practice and then Race against other race enthusiast's to see how you stack up! R2TM On-Line Racing Game & Practice Tree