Nova Crash Video

A beautiful pro-touring Nova makes a great first run then crashes into a water barrier on the second run

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nova gets loose and hits wall at dallas raceway in crandall texas

Best Of Wild Rides 2010 DVD 2 Hour Preview video
Best Of Wild Rides 2010 DVD 2 Hour Preview video Highlights from the DVD available at

[RxSpeed] Hoonigan 1972 Chevrolet Napalm Nova
READ MORE: The Hoonigan #NapalmNova joins the world of sinister Chevrolet Novas. With just 69 days to join the 2015 Hot Rod Power Tour, the Hoonigans buckled down and installed a variety of custom parts including an Art Morrison Enterprises subframe, custom MagnaFlow Exhaust, Wilwood Disc Brakes and Sparco seats.

My 71 Nova Crash
The first crash is the 1990 divsion 1 super gas champion. The second crash is me at 108 mph. The track applied traction compound on a cold, damp day and it did not take. You can see both cars go for the same spot at the wall. The track said it was driver error, but this video told a different story.