1994 Accord F22B2 Open Headers

Here's a sample of my 1994 Accord with open headers. Hit me up: www.cardomain.com/id/epinero

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Honda Accord Open Headers
Open Headers

f22b2 build
cam timing off

(Ebay Turbo) 1996 Honda Accord F22B2 SOHC Turbocharged
About 90% of the parts involved in this build were sourced from Ebay.com (not all things on ebay are junk, you just need to do your research). This was mostly inspired by another youtuber (user/cfiiman1) aka Rubber Duc. He has a similar setup with higher mileage and so far gone over 10,000mi without issue. So with that being said, I decided to give it a try. I can upload another video including normal driving, spirited driving, pictures from during the installation process, etc. I wasn't able to record any video during installation because I didn't have the resources. Luckily I was able to use a bay and lift at my work on my weekend off. Drove it in stock the first morning, drove it home turbocharged the following night. Currently it's just a stock style cat back Exhaust system. It has a 2.25" autozone catalytic converter with a Bossal 1 7/8 midpipe, Jones Exhaust resonator and a Walker Quiet-Flow SS muffler. The system is quite restrictive and it's very obvious while driving. After it goes through inspection next month, I'll be changing it to a 2.5" Thunderbolt Heavy Load cat, ebay 2.5" stainless cat back system with a Flo-Pro 2 chamber muffler. Depending on the sound quality, I may put a second Jones Exhaust resonator along the straight section. I will absolutely not tolerate a loud or raspy Exhaust. Everything on the outside looks practically stock aside from projector headlights and a black grille. It's basically a sleeper daily driver, and keeping all the modifications out of sight makes it a much cleaner install. Mileage at install: 221,500 Mileage in video: 222,700 Parts List: Ebay turbocharger - Rev 9 T3/T4 (50/63) Manifold - Rev 9 Cast (94-02) Oil Feed/Drain Kit - 3/8 Drain, 0.030 Inlet Restriction (Feed section failed and started leaking through the braided fitting after 1500mi) Down pipe - 5 bolt down pipe w/ flex (98-02) Waste gate - Rev 9 38mm RS-series (5psi spring) Blow Off Valve - HKS SSQV 3 (Black) Intercooler - 28'' x 7'' x 2.5'' (Black) Map Sensor Vent - Synapse Missing Link 94-97 Injectors - IPT ASNU Flowmatched OEM rate Slim Fan - 14" Universal Electric Oil Pan w/ Gasket - OEM T3/T4 turbo Blanket Flexible Upper Radiator Hose - Dayco Thermo-Tec Heatwrap Amazon Sourced Parts: Vortech Fuel Management Unit Vortech Fuel Management Recalibration Kit (6:1, 8:1, 10:1, 12:1) - using 10:1 at the moment Walbro 190LPH HP Fuel Pump AEM Failsafe Wideband AEM Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 25-304BK MSD 6BTM Ignition Controller (6,300 rpm pill) NGK (9578) HE62 Spark Plug Wires Others: Treadstone F22B2 Intercooler Piping Kit NGK Spark Plugs (BKR7E) 0.038 gap Mr. Gasket Silicone Vacuum Tubing - Unfortunately the rubber vacuum lines I originally used for the waste gate line, didn't like the heat of being so close to the turbocharger. I had several problems with different styles and grades of vacuum line that would become soft and fall apart after just a day or two of driving, and I couldn't get my hands on any black silicone tubing. So, blue it is lol. 10/18/15 - 224,200mi. After installing the ebay cat back Exhaust system with the Flo-Pro 2 chamber muffler, it still wasn't quiet enough so I also put in a 2.5 x 18" Jones Exhaust resonator in the system. Fairly quiet even at full throttle (possibly an Exhaust clip in a future upload). Had to replace the oil feed line (previously mentioned) with a Rev9 90 degree fitting feed line with a slightly larger inlet orifice. With the higher flowing Exhaust (still using a cheap Autozone catalytic 2.25" converter), the turbo spools up much faster now and started to spike pretty horrifically. Even with a 5psi spring, it was hitting just over 8psi on spike. Removed the wastegate and ported the opening on the manifold because it was way too small from casting. This helped bring the Boost back down to only spiking at 6.5psi. With the added Boost and hitting peak Boost much earlier, I went back to the Vortech 12:1 Fuel Management disc and upgraded the injectors to FJ265 (oem 93-96 prelude 345cc). Stock ecu easily compensated for the change and still has a fantastic smooth idle with AFR dipping into the low 11s and smoothing out to 12.4:1 at full throttle throughout the rev range. Future Plans: Electronic Boost Controller (ebay) Braided Fuel Line from AEM regulator to FMU Braided Fuel Line from FMU to OEM return Stage 8 Locking Fasteners (turbo to Manifold) Stage 8 Locking Fasteners (Down pipe to turbo) With heat cycling, every few weeks a bolt seems to disappear and another becomes loose. I've already installed the turbo to Manifold locking bolts but haven't got around to the Downpipe bolts yet.

1992 Honda Accord Megan Racing Headers 4-2-1
This is the under-the-hood video of the Exhaust system I put on. Just for info, it took my dad and I a total of about 13 hours of labor to get all the work done, but it came out perfect! This is the link to my forum thread if you guys want to take a look at the work. http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=174949