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1965 Daytona 500 begins with a massive crash

1978 Nascar Atlanta "500" last laps
Note: I'm looking for an Improved copy of this race. Let me know if you have a better one and we can work out a deal

1967 Firecracker 400 NASCAR Grand National Race
It's July 4 today, and being that July 4 was the traditional date for this race, I thought it would appropriate to post this ABC Wide World Of Sports review of this race. Unfortunately, it only shows the second half or so of the race but it's still an interesting document of NASCAR racing in that era.

1968 NASCAR Southeastern 500 at Bristol
Twelve minutes of footage of the 1968 NASCAR Spring race at the Bristol Motor Speedway (Southeastern 500). Originally aired on Bud Lindemanns' Car & Track television show, this was captured from a re-run on the old Speedvision channel.