test it! Seat Ibiza FR | drive it

The initials FR stand for Formula Racing, and promise a sporty design and performance to match.The Ibiza FR is designed to stand out from the crowd. With its 17-inch wheels and 215/40 tires, bold FR insignia and jaunty spoilers, this little car looks fast and fun to drive, right down to the chrome dual Exhausts. For this week's installment, drive it! tested an Ibiza FR equipped with a 143-hp diesel engine.

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vintage! BMW 507 | drive it
At its premiere in the New York Waldorf-Astoria in 1955, the BMW 507 was an instant success.The sleek roadster designed by Albrecht von Goertz caused an even bigger sensation when it was presented at the Frankfurt car show that year. Many automobile enthusiasts consider it the most beautiful sports car of all times. Only 252 exemplars of the exclusive car were built.

taste it!: Seat Ibiza Bocanegra | drive it
Seat's striking black fronted sport coupé has made a comeback. The Bocanegra first appeared in the 1970s. Now the Seat Ibiza Bocanegra is to revive the tradition. The new Ibiza has a convincing dynamic look.öIt embodies vigor and aggression, without losing any of its elegance. Drive it tester Mathis Kurrat took the 180 horsepower Bocanegra for a spin. The seven-speed direct drive gear box helped catapult the car from 0 to 100 kilometers an hour in 7.2 seconds.

test it! Seat Ibiza ST | drive it
18 centimeters can make all the difference. Seat's new compact station wagon celebrated its launch at the Geneva Motor Show last spring. These large economy-class cars seem to have struck a chord; Peugeot and Skoda are also making them. Seat offers seven different engines for the Ibiza ST. We test the 105 hp diesel version.

The Seat Ibiza | Drive it!
SEAT presents the next generation of the Ibiza. The Ibiza has sold over 4.65 million units since its launch in 1984, and is one of the most important models in the SEAT range. For the new version, the designers enhanced the aerodynamics. The V-shaped front is even more prominent, as are the contours down the sides. Buyers can choose from seven gasoline and five diesel engines. Drive it! tests the 3-door model with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine, with 77 kW of power and a 7-speed direct-shift gearbox.