G8 GT vs Cobalt SS vs Saturn Sky

a few races on the streets of mexico

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Cam Only Z28 vs E85 Saturn Sky vs Turbo 1st Gen Neon
Got yanked

Cobalt SS/TC vs Corvette
1/4 mile race

Grand Prix GT vs Turbo Saturn Sky
the saturns mods catback ,tune , 20-30 psi Boost the guy said GT has street tires no traction but over powered the saturn by far mods ssm90kit with 3.5 pulley, tune, catback, GT1 cam

cobalt vs 370z vs sky redline vs rx7 vs mustang vs twin turbo 300
cobalt vs 370z vs twin turbo 300 vs turbo civic vs Mustang vs rx7 vs sky redline vs supercharged cobalt