bora tdi 0-100kmh

Take a look at this 0-100kmh with a Vw Bora 'ajm'. Sorry for the poor quality.

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VW Bora 1,9 TDI 115HP chipped @ 156HP - less than 8 sec to 100 km/h
VW Bora 1,9TDI 115HP @ 156HP

1999 Volkswagen Bora Review - With Richard Hammond
Richard Hammond gives us a review of a 1999 model Volkswagen Bora, finding out whether or not it's a genuine luxury saloon, or just another hatchback with a longer boot. Hammond takes a look at the car's performance, handling, as well as it's practicality and appearance. The model tested is the V5, which produces 150bhp and has plenty of mid-range power.

VW Bora 50kmh - sprint na 1km
VW BORA Variant 1,9 TDI AJM 85KW série.. sprint z 50kmh na 1km...

New VW Bora Tuning Berlin
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