buick track day

i won this race by about 3.5 lengths. its hard to tell due to angle and my camera not being able to zoom while its filming lol

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buick track day 2
full steel,working air , stock suspenision. running 6s in 1/8th mile. second time out . didnt get to tune it but 3 passes and this last pass my radiator hose got into the pullies so no more for me :(. getting faster everytime though;)

Dyno Day 2014 Buick GS 455

1972 Buick Suncoupe at Bowling Green, KY
This is from the 2010 GSCA Nationals event in Bowling Green, KY. The event was postponed to October from May due to the track being 20' under water. I ran a best of 12.32 during the event and took runner up of the BSA (Buick Stock Appearing)class. This car has completely stock suspension, iron heads, Exhaust manifolds (no headers) and a Rochester quadrajet carb.

1996 Buick Roadmaster by Schaefft; Stiopa & lt. Caine
1996 Buick Roadmaster for Grand Theft Auto IV Model/Textures by Schaefft Converting to GTA IV by Stiopa and Lt. Caine Movie by NelsoN (capriceclassic1991) Music by Passengers - Always Forever Now