Wheeler Dealers S03E09 Mazda MX5 NA - Part Two (2)

Wheeler Dealers S03E09 Mazda MX5 NA - Part Two I do not own this, but couldn't find it, in it's entirety, anywhere else. I believe it's aired on the Discovery Channel here in the UK.

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Wheeler Dealers S01E10 1984 Mercedes-Benz 230E Pt II
Work Completed: Replaced the steering box, fitted a new windscreen, replaced and repainted the offside front wing, new fuse for sunroof motor, replaced the windscreen wipers, replaced the front bumper irons and serviced the engine (including replacing the fan belt, adjusting the timing, replacing the automatic transmission fluid and replacing the power steering fluid). Notes: Car was found through an advertisement on a bulletin board at a local supermarket. Replacement right wing was painted free of charge.

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