Bucky Lasek tire blowout save

Bucky Lasek racing a 07 Porsche 997 Cup car going into turn 7 at Sebring when the rear tire blows out at over 130mp. It happened as his crew chief was asking him how things were going. Notice his hands on the radio button about to answer when the tire goes and how the one hand goes to the shifter trying to get it down shifted due to it feeling like a gear box lockup.

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F1 Tyre Blowout - Silverstone, 2013 HD
Jean Eric-Vergne almost takes out the chasing Kimi Raikkonen, as his tyre fails at 200mph.

Lorry Tire Blowout on M6
Captured a lorry having a tire blowout on the M6. Thankfully noone was hurt, but you can see the debris on the road.

Pickup truck blows out a tire on 91 freeway
This was just earlier today while I was driving on CA-91 eastbound in Anaheim, near the CA-90 Imperial Highway exit. A black pickup was travelling in the far left lane when the treads on their rear passenger tire began to shred. They quickly pulled over to the right, and fortunately nobody was injured.

Motorcycle front tire blowout KLR
On day 4 of our 23 day motorcycle trip to Alaska, I had a front tire blowout at 60 mph. Fortunately, we were on a straight, lonely road. I am so glad it did not happen earlier in the day, as we were on the million dollar highway, lots of curves, no guard rails and big drop-offs ( Silverton to Ouray Colorado ). The front tube had a ½ inch split on the inside seam. It was a new tube and new tire. My group moved the bike to a flat spot to change the tire, they said we need some blocks. Just then an 18 wheeler stopped and wanted to know if everything was alright. They asked if he had some blocks. He said, Yeah there are some in the back. I told him my front tire blew out, and he said that happened to him twenty years ago and messed up his forearm. I told him Thank You, and he went on his way. There was no traffic on this road. We had spare tubes (3) but only for the back tire. Billy went to town to get a tube; we were about 25 miles north of Grand Junction Co. About the time Billy got back, another biker group stopped to make sure everything was ok. I noticed on the back of one of the bikes were 2 big white Crosses. I think he was a motorcycle minister. It is really good to know that someone is watching over me! THANK YOU tanker driver,and Moto Minister, and everyone that helped out!! Drove the bike back to town, got a new tire and tube, fixed the handle bars, welded up the back brake, used tie downs for the pannier, and the next day we continued on our trip North.