My Tesla was Broken into - Blackvue Dash Cam Review Footage Leads to Arrest

See us review the Blackvue dash cam footage that lead to the arrest and recovery of the items stolen from my Tesla. BlackVue Dash Cams on eBay:

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Tesla Accident-Car Summoned into Semi Trailer--- How It Most Likely Happened! Tesla Autopilot Crash
Tesla Accident-Car Summoned into Semi Trailer--- How It Most Likely Happened! =========== Interested In Purchasing a Model S or Model X? Get a Instant $1000 Discount through this link: No doubt you've seen in the news, about the Tesla Model S that "Activated Itself" and drove into the rear of a Semi-Truck Trailer. The owner of said vehicle, according to the news reports, says the car did it completely on it's own, and he did not activate it himself. Tesla's Log Pull contradicts this. Not only that, the series of events for this to happen on it's own is just really not likely. I see this happening one of 3 days. Either the Owner enabled Auto-Park from inside the vehicle, which then activated when he exited and closed the doors, and he did not check his surroundings (Most likely, or possibly it was the person he was showing the vehicle to that accidentally activated it without realizing exactly what it does), possibly #2, Someone has stolen his My Tesla password, and using the Tesla App to activate the Summon, or #3, the Owner Activated it from outside the car using the FOB without paying attention to the surroundings. Either way, the story of the vehicle owner does not add up. It seems more likely it is just another case of someone trying to pass off responsibility for their own F-Up on someone else. In this video, I show the most likely way that Summon/Autopark was activated, in the manor where the owner could have activated it and walked away. But no matter what way the owner summon or activated the Tesla auto park, it is a multi-step process that the owner would knowingly need to do. As for "Butt Dialing" Autopark or Tesla Summons via the FOB, not very likely given the combination of key presses, and the requirement of holding down the Frunk or Trunk button (Unless the owner Actively De-Selected that option in the car which is enabled by default). Like I said, the Most likely thing that Happened, is either the Owner or the Person the owner was demo-ing the vehicle to, selected Auto-Park upon exit, in his Tesla Model S, and when exiting the vehicle the car proceeded to pull forward. Also considering the Owner was parked facing the WRONG direction on the WRONG side of the street throws some questions up as well. The car also requires a the FOB to be within a certain proximity of the vehicle, similar to how Unlock and Extend Upon Approach with the Tech Package/Premium Interior Package works. ► ► ► ► Kman's Approved Product Store 414-807-8354 Be Sure to see my Other Tesla And EV Videos!: Electric Adventure CHINA! Autopilot, Detect a Child or Turn them Into Pulp: Tesla Auto-Parking in Action!: Model 3 Debut!: Towing With a Tesla: Tesla 3g VS 4g: Model 3 Test Drive: Autopilot VS Snow/ICE Storm!: Firmware change in response to this accident: Tesla car started on it's own crashed into semi trailer Tesla Summon using the proximity sensors and ultrasonic sensors on the tesla Model S p90D p100D p85D 85D 85 90D 90 70D 70 and all versions of Summon Model X allow the Tesla Motors Vehicle to automatically park itself in certain situations using it's proximity sensors. The tesla Motors vehicles produced by Elon Musk are the most advanced vehicles in the world featuring summon, autopilot, auto park, remote control, and a whole sensor suite of options and are the most autonomous production car int he world, the tesla model s p90d is also one of the fastest production cars in the world. Man says Tesla car started on its own, crashed into trailer Teslas in Guatemala, I'm not sure if he was driving a tesla model p85d or possibly a model 90d. But this video should be a great tesla model review of what have happened. The same problem could have also occured on a Model X, as the ultrasonic sensors and proximity sensors are below the semi trailer was at. Autopark must be used with caution. I did Demo using Tesla model 90d. result would be same using a tesla p85d or a tesla p90d or even a tesla model x. autopark to Tesla's guide. I cannot wait to see what the 100d or p100d will be like. The sensor using proximity sensors and ultrasonic sensors enhance the functionality of tesla model s and tesla model x. auto-park and autopark should be much improved. I also think it was good the guy wasn't caught sleeping at the wheel with autopilot on. I would love to race a tesla vs hellcat as well, but I will need to find a tesla strip.

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How To Install A BlackVue Dashcam
In this video, I will be showing you how to install a car dash cam correctly with no visible wires. Enjoy!