Boeing engineer has car 43 years and 718,000 miles -- and it still runs!

As seen on KOMO News Seattle Washington.

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1967-68 Cougar Grille Restoration Tips / Emblem Replacement
This is a video about how you can beautify the grille on your 1967 or 1968 Mercury Cougar. We start off by showing how to easily replace the emblem assembly on the RH headlight door, then show how to replace the black background decal on the center medallion. We also show how you can adjust your grille to get it straight, and end by showing how to remove the chrome bars so you can send them in to be rechromed, and different painting options for the grille assembly. The icon pictures that show up throughout the video can be clicked, which will take you to the relevant item on our website. Visit us at: On facebook:

(SOLD) 1967 Cougar XR-7
This car has been sold! See auction on eBay: item=

'67 Cougar GT Contest Winner Picks Up The Car
Earlier this week, the winner of our GT Giveaway contest showed up with a trailer to nab his prize. Bert Downing drove all the way from Texas, and picked up a 390 on the way. This is just a quick interview with Bert. We apologize for the crappy audio... technical problems! To re-cap the contest, visit the Classic Cougar Community Forum: Visit our online catalog here: Facebook: And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Plasma LED Taillight Bulbs: Sale, Demo & PSA
This is a multi-purpose video. First of all, we want to raise awareness about our awesomely bright "Plasma" LED bulbs. Out of all the bulbs on the market, these are by far the best that we've seen, and we're having them made exclusively for us (see the laser-etched WCCC lettering on the bulb base). We're offering a free red 1157 Plasma LED bulb to anyone who spends $150 or more on our website ( ). Use it as a test bulb, a spare, something to show your friends, etc. This is also a bit of a public service announcement, because when you're driving any older car, truck, or motorcycle on the road next to modern cars with LED lighting, your lights are dangerously dim by comparison. We truly believe that these bulbs will prevent accidents and potentially save someone's life. Finally, Don gets nostalgic about his grandfather's 1966 Ford truck that we use as a comparison vehicle in this video. We're constantly expanding our LED bulb offerings to accommodate as many different makes and models as possible, so check back on our website and search for "plasma." :