Boeing engineer has car 43 years and 718,000 miles -- and it still runs!

As seen on KOMO News Seattle Washington.

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1967 Cougar Aftermarket Parts: Are They Any Good?
In this interactive video, we walk around a restored '67 Cougar and review many of the products we sell. You can click on the icon pictures that appear in the video to go to each product on our website. Some reproduction parts are excellent, and others... well, not so much. You'll enjoy and appreciate Don's brutal honesty. We plan on doing more of these videos on different Cougars, so if you have a nice 68-73 Cougar with lots of our parts installed, let us know! Need parts for your Cougar? Check us out at We're also on facebook:

Don Rush Featurette on Gearz with Stacey David

Is It Numbers Matching? 1967 Small-Block Cougar Decoded
In this video, Don and Scott go over a nice, low-mile 1967 Mercury Cougar in excruciating detail in order to decode the numbers and show what's original and what's not (and some stuff that remains a mystery). This is a base model, 289 car, unlike our previous video with a rare and valuable 428-CJ convertible. We think this video will have broader appeal, and the information here matters more and more as the value of standard cars continues to rise. If you didn't see our previous "numbers matching" video, and you're a glutton for long, boring videos, check it out here: If you need anything for your Cougar (or Mustang) check out our online catalog: While you're at it, like us on Facebook:

1969 cougar XR7 351 4v tach 9-inch