68 ford F100 240 300 6 cylinder clay smith cam lopey idle holley open headers

68 ford f100 240, 300 crank balanced .30 over holman moody intake headman headers clay smith cams 274 108 on center Harlem sharpe roller rockers Holley 600 For Sale $ 6200.00

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Ford F100 Blown Straight Six Burnout
Burnout contest at the Southern Style Cruisers' show at the Paragon Casino in Marksville, LA

Ford F100, 300, new lopey cam
Just put in the new cam last week. Sounds pretty lopey for a 6. It's a 274* adv duration, and .518"lift with the GM 292 rockers(.474 with stock 300 rockers). Power range is great after 2k rpm, and I only paid $135 for the cam and lifters. Oregon Cam Grinding part #1268. 224* at .050" lift, and 110* lobe separation.

Ford 300, open header, 274 cam lope
Open header and choppy idle. The cam specs: 274*advertised duration, 224 at .050 lift, 110 lobe separation, and .518 lift with the GM 292 rockers. Everything else is stock on the inside.

Turbo 4.9 Maverick