Street Racing in Abuja City - Nigeria.

Rich kids street racing in Abuja

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DarkKnight MotorSports Presents Abuja Rimz n Beatz Car Show Nigeria

Mercedes Benz E63 AMG TJ Burnout In Abuja Nigeria

EPIC BURNOUTS!! Stunts Compilation Abuja Nigeria
Found old clips of stunts in Abuja's growing car/motorsports culture and decided to put them together.. Thousands of people come out to watch, cheer and be entertained by the stunt drivers. One of the greatest street racer and stunt driver out here is Ibdas of the team CCCE "Capital City Car Entertainment". People go bunkers for the action and socializing that happens out at the stunt site.. This videos tries to show a sample of the action that occurs out here.. BURN RUBBER!! "RIP to a friend Lukman Shagari, he believed in the DarkKnight MotorSports vision and was always out at the events supporting and spreading the word. May his soul rest in peace." Music by: Sean Tizzle Title: Mama Eh

Abuja drifting!!
Sunday Abuja/Nigeria drifting