Daewoo Leganza vs BMW e34 525i

D. Leganza 1999, 2.0 L 16V, 133 hp, 1400 kg, BMW 5 e34 1992, 2.5 L 24V, 192 hp, 1480 kg, Start od 40 km/h.

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Daewoo Leganza acceleration
Daewoo Leganza 2.0i, just on straight flat road, max. top speed is approx. 210-215km/h. Video is focused on acceleration from 60-160, It's nice car of 90th years of last century. Power about 98KW. Car has incredibly perfect handling and grip in corners :-), no oversteer, no understeer, just perfect :-)

Leganza 3.2 V6 Engine sound and air ride show POLAND
Leganza 3.2 V6 Engne sound and air ride show

Reconditionare faruri Daewoo Leganza
Reconditionare faruri realizata de www.polishat.ro

1998 Daewoo Leganza Review
Ian Royle takes a look at the 1998 model Daewoo Leganza, which is a cheap affordable alternative to your regular luxury saloon. He reviews the performance, handling and practicality, as well as highlighting some of it's unique features.