Ford Mustang 5.0L 302 LX MAC catback 2.5" exhaust, Magnaflow catless X-pipe revisited

First video I ever put on YT was of this car's Exhaust with a much crappier camera. This time, with a better camera and better quality as well. The Exhaust setup is stock headers, custom Magnaflow catless 2.5" X-pipe and Mac catback 2.5" SS Exhaust.

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X-pipe vs H-pipe
Magnaflow "highflow" catted X-pipe, vs 23 year old stock mid pipe (bbk shorty headers, and MAC flowpath catback)

1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 with magnaflow magnapacks
just a few revs

Mac Exhaust Sound Check
3" Mac Prochamber and Flopath

5.0 mustang with magnaflow exhaust
5.0 with magnaflow Exhaust..only have a bbk cold air intake and un-equal lenth shorty headers..with catless H-pipe.. and built this car from scratch with my dad...and its smoking because i havn't ran it in awhile due to a bad starter wich you can hear.