Ford Mustang 5.0L 302 LX MAC catback 2.5" exhaust, Magnaflow catless X-pipe revisited

First video I ever put on YT was of this car's Exhaust with a much crappier camera. This time, with a better camera and better quality as well. The Exhaust setup is stock headers, custom Magnaflow catless 2.5" X-pipe and Mac catback 2.5" SS Exhaust.

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X-pipe vs H-pipe
Magnaflow "highflow" catted X-pipe, vs 23 year old stock mid pipe (bbk shorty headers, and MAC flowpath catback)

Fox-body 5.0 Mustangs - E303, F303 & B303 Cams, Flowmaster Exhaust - "the soundtrack of the '90s"
This was the sound back in the '90s... the sweet sound of the conventional 5.0 liter H.O 302ci stuffed with a larger lift & duration cam and matched with an off road H-pipe (or X-pipe) and Flowmaster cat-back... simply beautiful. Some old footage of mine and a couple friend's 5-liter Mustangs from way back in the dayl.... and featuring Ford Motorsports E303 cam, F303 cam and B303 cam and Flowmaster cat-backs. Come on now, you gotta give it up... what sounds better (besides a 4-valve Cobra maybe ??? lol) The sweet sound of a 4" bore - 3" stroke 5.0 liter H.O motor. Produced by nedaCFilms &

1991 Ford Mustang 5.0 with magnaflow magnapacks
just a few revs

Ford Mustang 1992 Cobra Clone 351 351w LongTubes, BBK Xpipe, Mac Pro Dumps Exhaust
Here is a short vid of my 1992 Mustang GT. Made it into a 93 cobra clone with the Rear Spoiler, Valance, Tail Lights and cobra grille. It sports 03 cobra wheels. Car is a 351w EFI with a FTI custom cam, AFR185 Heads, TFS 351R intake, 75mm BBK TB and EGR Delete. Has AFM 4" PowerPipe with 12" K&N Filter. Complete MSD Ingnition, 30lb injectors, spec stage 3 clutch, tremec 3550 Trans and Aluminum Driveshaft. Has BBK Subframe connectors, 31spline moser axles and 3.73 gears. Car is quick for being heavy and still retains factory accessories. Aluminum radiator keeps it cool and Mark 8 Fans help with heat. Thanks to Bauuer for the 7 second clip of musing (Harlem Shake)