Removal of Honda Civic Emblems CIVIC and H emblem.

this is a video here to assist in removal of the CIVIC emblem and this also shows a little bit of the H Honda emblem and how it is held. this is the 2009 Honda Civic Si Coupe 8th Gen

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How to take off Honda emblem w/o breaking clips!
Looked everywhere for this and couldn't find a video that didn't break the clips. So I figured it out. Honda Accord 2012 coupe btw. Enjoy!

How To Install Type R/JDM Emblems | 8th Gen Civic
Tutorial on how to install Type R / JDM Emblems on a 8th generation honda civic. Be sure to leave a like and, if you have any additional questions please feel free to leave it in a comment. Songs: Feel That - Vic Mensa Money Baby - Childish Gambino Favorite Song - Wiz Khalfia ft. Juicy J Follow me on: Twitter - Instagram -

2016 Honda Odyssey
If you are looking for a functional family car, then the 2016 Honda Odyssey is your right choice.

PlastiDip Car Emblems, Badges and Front Grille - Step by Step -
Full Tutorial on how to use PlastiDip to black out your emblems, badges and entire front grille! If you have access to the inside of the grille - we suggest sliding down either cardboard or newspaper to protect your cars inside parts.