Track Daze Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit May 16-17 2009

Track Daze HPDE event on Summit Point's Shenandoah Circuit, May 16-17 2009. ( ) Some highlights from my weekend with bloopers at the end. The car is a 1993 Mazda RX-7 Twin turbo, mostly stock with reliability modifications. It is still running on 17 year old OEM suspension with street tires. It runs at stock Boost levels on the original turbos and a stock motor. Brake hardware is original with Hawk DTC-60 race pads, which by the way, I am very impressed with. Despite its age, the car still holds its own against much newer hardware. The crash on the wet skidpad was caused by the ABS system which prevents the car from stopping quickly in a spin. The car sustained no damage and the ABS was subsequently disabled so more skidpad and track fun was had by all ;) Thanks to the Track Daze staff for putting on an excellent event and thanks for watching!

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Bmw E36 how to prevent crash @ turn rollercoaster @ VIR
2013 Trackdaze VIR E36 M3 Session 2 8-27-2013 1:55 Exhaust noise for reference 21:40 Dropped 2 wheels @ Rollercoaster....good save 33:00 Drift @ Rollercoaster...good save

AP1 S2000 at Summit Point- Shenandoah Circuit with Riesentoter PCA HPDE April 14-15 2012 Crash
AP1 S2000 fujitsubo dual Exhaust, j's header, test pipe, tein flex coilovers, hawk HP+ pads (garbage), eibach front and rear sways. problem? stretched 235 toyo r1r's on 17x10 fn010rc's wheels. s2000 makes no NA power. Silver 997 GTS is on R-compound tires FYI.

trashed in 60 secs

Tuned by Nelson S Jesse FD3S RX7 GT35R
My 1993 Mazda RX-7 getting tuned at Rotary Reliability and Racing by Nelson. The car has a Lucky 7 Rebuilt 13b-rew, GT35R Single turbo w/ .70 Compressor and .84 Hotside. Apexi PFC and AVCR, AEM Water Injection and many other mods.