Track Daze Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit May 16-17 2009

Track Daze HPDE event on Summit Point's Shenandoah Circuit, May 16-17 2009. ( ) Some highlights from my weekend with bloopers at the end. The car is a 1993 Mazda RX-7 Twin turbo, mostly stock with reliability modifications. It is still running on 17 year old OEM suspension with street tires. It runs at stock Boost levels on the original turbos and a stock motor. Brake hardware is original with Hawk DTC-60 race pads, which by the way, I am very impressed with. Despite its age, the car still holds its own against much newer hardware. The crash on the wet skidpad was caused by the ABS system which prevents the car from stopping quickly in a spin. The car sustained no damage and the ABS was subsequently disabled so more skidpad and track fun was had by all ;) Thanks to the Track Daze staff for putting on an excellent event and thanks for watching!

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E46 M3 at Summit Point - Shenandoah Circuit
One lap from the July BMWCCA Drivers' School at Summit Point, Shenandoah Circuit.

TCUSA at Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit
My favorite session of the weekend, lapping with friends. Kevin, Roger, DaveP, ChrisP, George, JeffW, and others have appearances in this video. Best lap was a 1:39, but after seeing how the yellow BMW takes the turns at Pit In/Out, the data says I could have gone a couple tenths quicker!

Summit Point, Shenandoah Circuit
Lap of the Shenandoah Circuit with turn markers and an early apex into 16. 1996 VW GTI VR6.

Inside Mazda RX-8 on Summit Point Shenandoah Circuit
Somebody asked to see "spirited" shifting. What better way than on-track? I took this video at the May 2009 TrackDaze event on the Shenandoah. I learned from this video that I'm going faster than it feels like I'm going (the speedo is visible) and it doesn't look all that "spirited". Probably a good thing as steering nor shifting should be rushed. The RX-8 trans is good, but doesn't tolerate "jam shifting" or shifting with high RPM differentials. Shift late, match revs. don't force it. I've been tracking hard for two years and no trouble so far. My car is a stock 2005 RX-8 with Ecsta V700 tires, Hawk HP+ brake pads, and a B&B muffler. No traction or stability control. Camera is a Creative Labs Vado HD. Video could be better but I had to go through an extra transcoding to get the audio to work.