2007 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG Dyno Run

Stock 2007 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Dyno run.

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Mercedes Benz AMG 63 V8 Engine Production
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2007 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG

2007 Mercedes E63 AMG vs. Nissan 370z (year unknown)
The kid passed me up on the highway. When he passed he was mashing the gas pedal down showing off the Exhaust note (actually sounded pretty good). I thought long about racing because the car is new to me and I don't really rag on the car. Plus I have not yet got it totally mastered the AMG's manual mode which in my year model I can use the gear shift tapping it left or right for up and down or go to my steering wheel and use the paddle shift left for down right for up. I pulled the kid over we talked for a bit, kid ended up being pretty cool. We both work in the oilfields so I knew he made good money meaning more money for mods. I used my cars "sport" mode for the auto trans which basically changes cars timing and shift points among a list of other things. If you forget to turn your a/c off Mercedes dealer told me it would automatically turn off compressor. Then I dropped the air suspension down twice to the max. Stage 2. What if forgot to do was hold down the left paddle shift while in "sport" mode and it will automatically pick the very best gear for acceleration, it does this in "comfort" and "sport" mode only not in "manual" mode. Oh and I left the "ESP" engaged meaning basically Mercedes traction control. All in all it was a good race, the kid got me off the line but the E63 over all is just too much beast. Oh this year E63 has the 6.3L naturally aspirated v8. Not the 5.5L bi-turbo which is also a beast. It has 83,000 miles and is in complete showroom condition in and out. The kid has on his Nissan true cold air intake, reprogrammed PCM, custom performance Exhaust and was professionally tuned. My Mercedes is all stock no mods at all. We did get up to about 150mph. My car will cut off at about 160mph and the kid says that his also had a 160mph limiter. So we both were pretty much topped out. Please view the video recorded from the 370z's point f view here is the link. https://youtu.be/8qhbJIB4QCU

I do not own the copyright to this, just edited to contain the Audi and Mercedes showdown only as its awesome. Thank you Fifth Gear. Not HD as for some reason my graphics card kept failing :/