Audi S4 take off with 3" downpipes and 4" exhaust

No launch, just a speedy take off. 3" 034Motorsport downpipes into a custom 4" Exhaust; no cats.

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Audi S4 Custom 4" Exhaust
2001.5 Audi S4, Stage 3 with meth injection... 3" downpipes and custom 4" cat-back

Installing Turbos on an Audi S4 Motor
Finally have a turbo install for you guys. Enjoy.

Pulls in 560+WHP Audi S4 Twin GT2871R 2.8L
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Destroyed my 700HP Audi S4 Motor
This is my first attempt at a vlog. This vlog is about my destroyed Audi B5 S4 Motor. Please comment below if you liked my first vlog or have any ideas of future vlogs that you might like to see.