NHDRO 1: $10,000 Grudge Race and Mothug Doug wins Pro Street

NHDRO 1: $10,000 Grudge Race and Mothug Doug wins first round of Pro Street at the NHDRO May Bike Fest season opener! This is "Go Fast or Go Home" THE MOVIE, a documentary drag racing film created by Aries Xecutioner for Wyld Fantasies Media Studios LLC 2013. All video filmed at Lucas Oil Raceway, Indy, during the NHDRO Round 1 May Bike Fest season opener event. This epic weekend of racing was documented May 17,18,19th and features multiple classes of all motorcycle drag racing including Street Fighter, Street ET, Pro ET, Super Comp, Top Gas, Pro Comp, Pro Street and Grudge Racing. The Saturday Night Grudge Racing session features a $10,000 dollar big money grudge race between THE FUGITIVE, a red and white Nitrous Suzuki Hayabusa rode by Jeremy Teasley, and ORANGE CRUSH a Detroit Michigan built Nitrous Hayabusa rode by Ryan Schnitz. This film also features JAWBREAKER vs BLUE THUNDER grudge race and more $$$ action under the lights at NHDRO Round One! Sundays racing action features tons of eliminations, all pro classes and final races for almost every class including sportsman! The Grand Finale is an epic showdown between two of the fastest Pro Street bikes on the planet, and two of the best motorcycle jockey in the game today... Mothug Doug Gall on THE VIRUS turbo Hayabusa versus Bud Yoder from RMR, on the PINK FLAMINGO, turbo Suzuki Hayabusa both running low 7 seconds at over 200 mph in the quarter mile on a street tire riding 600hp monsters. Hope you enjoy these fast midwest bikes and great races, please like and Subscribe!

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NHDRO 1: Turbo and Nitrous vs Supercharged dragbike, bar bike motorcycle drag racing
NHDRO 1: turbo and Nitrous vs Supercharged drag bike, "Muncie Madmen" wheelie-bar motorcycle drag racing 2012, full event compilation of tons of the action from this awesome opening weekend of racing! Some of the motorcycle drag racing classes featured in this video are Super Comp (8.9 second index) Top Gas (8.2 second index) and the Pro Comp heads-up class spearheaded by Keith Lynn and his ultra-wicked Nitrous Oxide injected AND turbocharged Kawasaki dragbike! This is all the footage filmed of the bar bike classes by Wyld Fantasies Media Studios at the NHDRO 1: Season Opener May Bike Fest at Muncie Dragway, 2012 and is featured in the epic DVD "Muncie Madmen" just click the link below to see the DVD cover art at my DeviantArt account: http://wyldfantasyx.deviantart.com/art/NHDRO-1-Muncie-Madmen-Wyldfantasies- DVD-cover-350044826 If you want to check out our Motorcycle Drag Racing only Facebook Community click here: http://www.facebook.com/motorcycledragracing1

KOTS 16: How THE GRNCH stole LSX-mas! Mustang Lsx swap 2012
KOTS 16: How THE GRNCH stole LSX-mas! Green Nitrous Mustang Foxbody Lsx swap wins 2012 "King Of The Streets" clocks off grudge racing class during Thursday Night Lightz arm drop drag racing event held at Edgewater Drag Strip summer 2012. If you like engine swapped Mustangs, supercharged street cars, turbocharged Imports and Diesels, and Nitrous injected v8 door cars dragging the 1320 quarter mile for cash money prizes every Thursday Night! Tons of sick cars from the Cincinnati area, make sure you subscribe to this channel for tons more Thursday Night Lightz arm drop grudge racing action: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies

MANDINGO Hayabusa vs Gixxer 1000 grudge race MIRock 2013
Money Grudge Bike Race: MANDINGO Hayabusa grudge bike vs Gixxer 1000 grudge race at MIRock "Battle Royale" Fall Nationals 2013! This was the first time I have ever seen these bikes in action so I don't know anything about the modifications, but it appears the Hayabusa is running a big motor on a flat slick stretched out versus a stretched Suzuki Gixxer with a slick. Spectators near the starting line reported the Hayabusa being way ahead until he had to let off for an unknown reason losing the race to the smaller bike! If you like heads up grudge bike racing and motorcycle drag racing classes, make sure you check out the promo video for this event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Xy62uI_Ao Already watched the promo video and want to see the entire full length movie featuring all the baddest Pro Street bikes from around the world battling for $10,000 dollars? Well follow this link to see the hour long full "MIRock Pro Street Battle Royale" movie: http://youtu.be/Gab-4LqJUg4

NHDRO 2 $$$ Grudge Racing under the lights, Nitrous Hayabusa, Indy 2012
Two Wheel Werks, 1320bikes.com & Wyld Fantasies Media Studios presents: $$$ Grudge Racing Under the Lights, motorcycle drag racing video action from Saturday Night 6-9-12 at Lucas Oil Raceway for the NHDRO Round 2 session of grudge racing fun! Check out the Bike Paparazzi film extraordinaire in action, "THE BUM" Kawasaki zx10, "LUCKY" Pro Street turbo Hayabusa with the Dreamrider versus Justin Doucet in the last race! Watch Justin win two back to back $1000 dollar grudge matches, finally going 6-0 undefeated on the OSRbikes built Nitrous Hayabusa, the "PINK PANTY DROPPER" for an epic night of grudge bike racing action! Make sure you check out my channel for more videos from this event and Subscribe! Help support this great racing series held right here in the Midwest: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies Want more event info, track scehdules, and class rules? Check out the Nhdro official website here: http://www.nhdroracing.com