Stuart Cove Shark Dive!!!

Stuart cove shark dive in the Bahamas! Shot with the GoPro HD camera

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Stuart Cove's Shark Dive -Nassau, Bahamas - January 18, 2016
A must for any certified diver! I have over 30 years of diving experience, and have never done anything as amazing as this. I highly recommend Stuart Cove's Dive Center and highly recommend this if you're planning a trip to the Bahamas.

GoPro: Nassau Bahamas Shark Dive with Stuart Cove's 720p
One of the biggest misconceptions in the world is that sharks are the "blood thirsty killers" movies like Jaws has portrayed them to be. This mass hysteria along with the killing of sharks and the shark fin trade has resulted in a 90% decline in shark populations worldwide. This is the wasteful and cruel act of slicing off the sharks fins, most often than not while it is still alive, and tossing the body back in the ocean to die of suffocation or be eaten alive. The sharks fin amounts to only 5% of the total body weight but can fetch up to $650 USD per kilo, making this an extremely lucrative yet unsustainable and destructive practice. Sharks fin soup is served as a delicacy, providing no health benefits and is merely a sign of social status. Although awareness and protection are on the rise, demand and consumption is still far too high and, ultimately, the few remaining shark populations are facing extinction. Extinction is forever and we can't afford to lose our sharks. We have only recently started to understand what an ocean without sharks can look like and the results are catastrophic. Sharks have survived through all of planet earths 5 mass extinctions and thrived in our oceans for close to 450 million years, shaping its evolution and controlling its delicate balance. Without our sharks our oceans will not survive and without our oceans neither will we.

Tiger Sharks of Tiger Beach
Some of the most beautiful sharks in the ocean are found here, Tiger sharks, Lemon sharks, reef and the occasional hammerhead shark! I ventured out with the Editor of Shark Diver Magazine who you'll see in the video hand feeding the Tiger sharks! Incredible interaction and such a respect for them after being so up close and personal! No cages, No chainmail, ONLY cameras! For a much higher quality version please visit

Stuart Cove's SUB Bahamas
Ride your personal SUB at Stuart Cove's SUB Bahamas in Nassau!