Stuart Cove Shark Dive!!!

Stuart cove shark dive in the Bahamas! Shot with the GoPro HD camera

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GoPro: Nassau Bahamas Shark Dive with Stuart Cove's 720p
One of the biggest misconceptions in the world is that sharks are the "blood thirsty killers" movies like Jaws has portrayed them to be. This mass hysteria along with the killing of sharks and the shark fin trade has resulted in a 90% decline in shark populations worldwide. This is the wasteful and cruel act of slicing off the sharks fins, most often than not while it is still alive, and tossing the body back in the ocean to die of suffocation or be eaten alive. The sharks fin amounts to only 5% of the total body weight but can fetch up to $650 USD per kilo, making this an extremely lucrative yet unsustainable and destructive practice. Sharks fin soup is served as a delicacy, providing no health benefits and is merely a sign of social status. Although awareness and protection are on the rise, demand and consumption is still far too high and, ultimately, the few remaining shark populations are facing extinction. Extinction is forever and we can't afford to lose our sharks. We have only recently started to understand what an ocean without sharks can look like and the results are catastrophic. Sharks have survived through all of planet earths 5 mass extinctions and thrived in our oceans for close to 450 million years, shaping its evolution and controlling its delicate balance. Without our sharks our oceans will not survive and without our oceans neither will we.

Stuart Cove's Shark Adventure Dive Sept 11, 2012 !!!
This is a bucket list dive! Do it if you can. The video consists of two dives. If you just want to see the Shark Feeding, fast forward to 'The Feed'. These dives were a 'Stuart Cove's Shark Adventure Dive' in the waters off Nassau in the Bahamas. My wife Diane and I made these dives while on a cruise to the Bahamas. The two dives took place during the afternoon of September 11th 2012. The first dive was on Runway Wall not far from the Shark Feeding Arena. The sharks come close to investigate on the first dive and the divers have a chance to get comfortable with the sharks around. These sharks are not 'tame' but they have done this a time or two before. Actually, I think these dives are scheduled every day. That doesn't make them any less exciting to participate in. The shark feeding dive is not for everyone, but I wish everyone could make this dive. To actually get up close and personal with this many sharks, at one time, is pretty cool. The sharks will brush against you or flip you with a fin as they maneuver around you to get to the bait. Depending on your personal view of sharks it can be thrilling, chilling and exciting but hopefully it will be enlightening. I personally grinned so much I couldn't keep water out of my mask. The shark feeding dive ranks right up there with Skydiving, White Water Kayaking and a Stock Car ride along. I learned to dive more than 40 years ago and have made hundreds of dives. I've dived with sharks in the area countless times, but not like this. The operation is professional and well organized. The folks who guided the dive, fed the sharks, took the still photos and video were fantastic. The dives are well planned and explained. Diver safety is a primary concern, not an afterthought.

Stuart Cove's Shark Dive, Bahamas - GoPro 3
Stuart Cove's Caribbean Reef Shark Dive shot w/ GoPro 3 Black - SRP Red Filter - 1080p 30 fps

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