Bisimoto 700whp D16 tuning session

Bisimoto tuning session with AEM Series 2 EMS, on Dynapack. Notice the glow on the turbo manifold, and the sound of the godzilla blowoff valve.

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Bisimoto turbo wagon!
Went down to Ontario to have Bisi tune my car. When we were done he was nice enough to take us for a ride in his amazing wagon despite having another client waiting. Bisi is a true professional and did a very good job.

Bisimoto 700whp D16Z 1990 Honda Civic Turbo Wagovan
Our impromptu, yet detailed look at Bisimoto's 700 wheel horsepower 1990 Honda Civic turbo Wagovan, which is powered by a D16Z engine and a huge turbonetics BTX6565 ball bearing turbo. Shot on the fly at a car meet using our Canon handheld camera; completely unedited (except for the addition of our web address). For more photos, check

Bisimoto 724whp 1.6L wagon burnout video
Courtesy of SpeedHunters, this is an action shot of the Bisimoto 700+whp SOHC wagon, at the Bisimoto complex. Running on Falken Zeix ZE512 tyres, and Bisimoto Fighter Special wheels, this burnout was done at only 18psi of Boost.

Bisimoto 1004whp Civic, caught driving around the streets
This is a fan video of the 2012 Bisimoto 1004whp Civic Si, driving on the streets of Southern California, on the way to an event at a the Puente Hills Hyundai dealership.