my maverick on gearz

my maverick on gearz

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1970 Maverick Grabber
This is my friend Roger's 1970 Maverick Grabber that his Grandmother origially bought new. She was the only owner of this car and it still has the original interior, paint and dealer installed a/c. Originally had the straight 6 but now has a Stroked 347.

Dake Arbor and Hydraulic Presses on Stacey David's Gearz
Stacey David demonstates Dake arbor and hydraulic presses on Gearz

West Coast Classic Cougar featured on Gearz with Stacey David
Excerpt from Gearz episode featuring West Coast Classic Cougar in Salem Oregon

Why Cash for Clunkers Was Stupid
Speed Tv's Stacey David shows some downsides to the Cash for Clunkers deal.