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Volvo V70XC off roading 16.07.10

This video shows the Volvo going along some of the green lanes of which we knew, thanks to a magazine article featuring them. The lanes were on the way to the seaside town of Filey from the west. The green lanes weren't too exciting, with most of them just being bumpy dirt roads. Although, at the end of the video, there is a fording of a stream. The video also shows the complete 6mm front scrape plate which is fitted to the car. My taking over a month from shooting to uploading was thanks to my video camera and computer repeatedly refusing to co-operate, Youtube repeatedly failing to upload without any apparent reason, and a lack of haste on my part.


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Volvo V70xc I awd.wmv
volvo V70xc I AWD veikia ir atgal (awd works and backwards)

Testing Volvo AWD in snow
The video was taken with Samsung Omnia at -12°C :)

1998 Volvo V70 XC Review
Mike Rutherford reviews the 1998 Volvo V70 XC (Cross Country) and puts it's all-wheel-drive system to the test. He takes the V70 on a road test to see how it performs and handles, both on and off-road, as well as seeing how practical it is.

Volvo V70 XC Classic
Volvo V70 Cross Country test drive - little offroad sesion... :)

XC90 and XC70 Off Road

volvo xc 70 falls apart in sand
volvo xc 70 falls apart in sand

Volvo xc70 snow off road
Car snow sex off road speed volvo fun 4x4 yes + all

V70 AWD 2.5 (193hp, 4x4) - snow drifting
blbneme s autíkem ;-)

And here's the even older type of Viscous Coupling that was on the older chassis. It is however easy to see that this one works better than the MY '01-'02, as the rear wheels are actually spinning simultaneously with the front wheels. However, note that this car has a manual gearbox transmission compared to the previous clip, this results in the embarrassing end of the clip and is what makes me laugh.

Fiat Panda 4x4 Off Roading 25.08.09
A few rocky sections of a green lane in Yorkshire. In the last clip, I intentionally took a route to get some articulation, although I didn't expect to lift the wheels. Also, I was expecting alot more trouble getting the Panda up the steep grassy hill, which is why I gave it seemingly too much momentum and power - sorry those of you who resent off roaders for 'damaging' the earth (the grass was put back, don't worry). Once again, sorry for the wind noise, although at least, this time, the camera is steady thanks to a tripod (courtesy of Smokinghat12). The bull bar is off for the moment, due to a pending respray. Also, yes, the headlights are unevenly bright. 'Tis due to an ongoing earth problem with the headlight bulbs (we think) themselves.

Volvo XC70 on snow 3
Last snow 2010.wmv

Audi A6 allroad vs. Volvo XC70: Vergleich der Gelände-Kombis
Audi A6 allroad und Volvo XC70: Kernig im Auftritt, aber auch wirklich geländegängig? Motorvision hat die beiden Offroad-Kombis verglichen.

v70xc testing in deep snow
testing volvo v70xc/xc70 2001mod in deep snow.

Volvo V70 R AWD testing snow and sound :)

FixEuro.com - 1999 Volvo V70 XC AWD - A/T Analytic Drain
[CHOOSE WATCH IN HIGH QUALITY] Original Content - Copyright 2008 .FixEuro.com

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