Volvo V70XC gravel track 16.07.10

This video shows the Volvo going along some of the green lanes of which we knew, thanks to a magazine article featuring them. The lanes were on the way to the seaside town of Filey from the west. The green lanes weren't too exciting, with most of them just being bumpy dirt roads. Although, at the end of the video, there is a fording of a stream. The video also shows the complete 6mm front scrape plate which is fitted to the car. My taking over a month from shooting to uploading was thanks to my video camera and computer repeatedly refusing to co-operate, Youtube repeatedly failing to upload without any apparent reason, and a lack of haste on my part.

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Drivknuten gick sönder höger fram och min viskokoppling är låst så tog bort den yttre drivaxeln höger fram så den är numera bakhjulsdriven!

Drifting a Volvo XC70 in the snow.
Drifting a Volvo in Soda Springs, CA in the snow.

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Fiat Panda 4x4 off roading 3.5.09
The first time the Panda has been off road. It had to be put into 4wd in the first clip, as you can see. Sorry for the wind noise... As usual, the car was using road tyres. Next time there'll hopefully be more challenging stuff for the Panda. As I said it's the Panda's first off road outing. I'll appreciate any comments and I'll be happy to answer any questions about the car etc :)