Single turbo Supra vs. 351 Mustang

HKS T51R supra vs. 351 Mustang

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2000hp Viper
Dyno of 2000hp Viper @ the crank

$6,600 Race - Supra vs Twin Turbo Mustang
******* VIDEO / RACE INFO & LINKS ******* ************************************************** $6,600 Grudge Race: Single turbo automatic Supra -vs- Twin turbo Coyote Mustang (TT 5.0L) Click here to see JUIC3D's YouTube Channel: ************************************************** PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: Check out our 2nd Channel with BONUS FOOTAGE & EXTRAS: GRAB-A-LANE RACING WEBSITE THE OFFICIAL *K-O-T-S* LISTS CHECK OUT OUR NEW APPAREL & MERCHANDISE:*grabalane THE OFFICIAL *K-O-T-S* LISTS Join the discussion board & racer forums (for free): ***GRAB-A-LANE'S T-SHIRTS****grabalane

SUPER ATV RCV AXLES Josh Rohling had his brand new buggy Never Satisfied out at GrayRock ORV. This buggy is unique because it runs a 5.3 LS with Twin turbos. The buggy was built by Randy Dillard owner of Randys Rock Rods. Specs: Twin turbo'd 5.3, TH400, Straight drive, Front and Rear Steering Rockwells with Ouverson Goodies, Bilstein Shocks, Raceline wheels with 43" SX tires, Howe Steering. Be sure and keep an eye out for this monster.

Turbo Supra vs Mustang Cobra
76mm supra vs 150 shot cobra