Midtown Madness 3

These are the two videos at the begining of the Midtown Madness 3 game.

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How to Drive Part 6 of 6
How to drive an Semi. We all know many people drive all kinds of vehicles. This video series will teach you how to correctly drive 6 different vehicles in 2 different cities.

Midtown Madness 2- Chasing cops
This is what you do if you are chased by cops on san fran. in midtown madness 2!

Midtown Madness 3 Part 10: Crazy Driving
In this video, we become a car salesman. We sell a Hummer, Viper, and my personal favorite, a Corvette Z06

Midtown Madness Stunts 3
This is a nice stunt video! Music is Paradise City by Guns N' Roses