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Mike's 1965 Dodge D100 Video #3
The parts that I have all ready purchased. I've checked all over the web and it seems that Rock has the best prices. I did purchase some from Amazon. I have a list of parts I will order tonight and already compared Rock Auto to Amazon. Amazon has free shipping but does charge tax in CA. Rock has no tax but charges for shipping. And Rock Auto was the cheapest. Think I'll do a video on the order of the parts. You need to be careful and pick parts that ship from the fewest whorehouses.

1968 Dodge Harley Hauler
1968 Dodge Truck 318 V8

Dodge Sweptline Truck- Junkyard - Austin, TX
there is a junkyard located in austin,tx that usually has a few sweptline trucks and i happen to run into this one, it has some neat parts...real CHEAP...\m/

1968 D100 Sweptline
Dodge Sweptline made it home!