Mitsubishi Magna AWD Commercial 2004

Advertisement for the Mitsubishi Magna TL/TW AWD, introduced in 2003. This model was Mitsubishi's last incarnation of the Magna (alongside the FWD versions) before being replaced by the Mitsubishi 380 range in 2005. AWD models came fitted with a 3.5L 6G74 24-Valve V6 as standard and an Evo-derived All Wheel Drive system dubbed "Quadtec". The run of this commercial was short lived, due to a conflict with advertising codes promoting safe driving that require commercials showing racing or motorsport scenes include a disclaimer or message stating that the situation depicted is taking place under test or professional race conditions. As such, it is one of the harder commercials to find. More information on the commercial can be found here, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald. ( )

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Mitsubishi Magna TV Ad ft. Steven Bradbury (Australia) 2003
The TJ Magna (Ft.) was just about at the end of its lifespan, later that year the new TL would come out with radical changes. The ad features Steven Bardbury, the 1st Australian winter Olympic gold medallist, he won his medal in the 2002 Salt Lake City games. Also exported to the America and Japan, it is called the diamante. Thanks zampakid (

Mitsubishi 380 Platinum Commercial 2006
2006 TV Commercial for Mitsubishi 380 Platinum, an improved-spec version of the Mitsubishi 380, with the addition of an Electric Sunroof, Bluetooth Connectivity, Rear Spoiler and Reverse Parking Sensors, among others. Initially Uploaded by Holdencountry. ( )

Magna 4wd AWD skids @ drags
old heap magna i once had spinning all 4 tyres, wow no big deal, but its turning 4 sticky 20's it's auto and approx 1950kg with driver... did have a Supercharger on it at this time, and in reality should have been much faster than this, this day had 155awkw but made a best of 188awkw with nothing other than a few deg more timing, did 14.4's all day long full trim

Mitsubishi Magna TF Commercial 1998 [v1]
A TV commercial for the Mitsubishi Magna TF series from Australia highlighting the aerodynamics of the car, and the positive effects it has on noise, fuel economy and road holding.