Buick Apollo

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1974 Buick Apollo (Bad to the Bone)
Finally got the Buick rolling again after some ignition problems, did the oil change and put some fresh gas and she cranked right up, did alot of interior work and some modifications to the interior, any questions or comments just let me know, wanna see a video of something let me know, hope to get some more videos rolling again after schools out and when i get some more money lol

1973 Buick Apollo Sedan Commercial - Similiar to Chevy Nova
1973 Buick Apollo Commercial.....Buicks version of the Chevy Nova

Buick Apollo Burnout

1974 Buick Apollo drive by
i did stall it once lol aint run it in a few weeks, sister recorded this one lol hope yall like it, i think she looks beast driving on the road