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Truck model collection

My collection of 1/25 and 1/24 scale model trucks.


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Rubber Duck Mack - 1:32 scale
I decided to see how good of a model could be made from Revell's Mack R Snap Tite kit. The result was pretty good. The main problem with the model is the tires are plastic, and are hollow on the inside, and the sleeper is too short (it does appear to be an Able Body Co. one). Nonetheless this is a great model and offers your best chance at making a model of the Duck's truck in 1:32 scale. The trailer is a newer model Fruehauf, and also builds into a nice model.

Building a Drainage Pond Dio Day 6 (Last Day) Stopmotion/Slideshow
Last Day guys!

Liebherr 944 fährt auf Tieflader
Liebherr 944 fährt auf Tieflader

Gestuntel met een Modeltruck 1:4
(more trucks on modeltrucks.nl ) Van een opleger af rijden met een Modeltruck 1:4 is nog niet zo makkelijk..

First Gear Trucks (READ DESCRIPTION!)
Here are my first gear trucks! Hope you like the video. Most of these trucks have been made by me. Like the Curbtender and Scorpion. I did modify that Ray Bros. hopper to made it shorter. I will eventually have an Amrep octo in my fleet. This is probably going to be my only FG video. Tell me which was you favorite truck! NOTE: I am stopping voting since I feel like it is wrecking the surprise of what will come next. Hope you enjoyed the video! And Jaccob, if you see this, I hope you like the Curbtender and scorpion! Check out my new Website! http://westcoastrefusetrucks.com/ Check out my facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/curottocanmaster82

BJ and the Bear Kenworth - 1:32 scale
Back in the 80's i had a remote control (cable, not radio) K-100 and trailer. It fell apart a long time ago, but i still had the cab and trailer. A couple of years ago i found another at a garage sale. I decided to paint my old one and make it into BJ's truck. After i took the cab off, i compared it to one of my New Ray trucks, and discovered it was 1:32 scale. So i changed plans and tried making it into a more scale model. I used the frame from one of my 2 white Pete 379's, parts from a Freightliner trash truck i just got (allready haved one), a 1:25 scale model of a Mack (the DM600 Ertl tried to pass of as the Rubber Duck's :/. I don't have the whole truck, just parts from 2), and a little scratchbuilding. The hard part was finding a correct photo. I found almost half a dozen variants of the real truck so i picked one and stuck with it. Overall it turned out ok. Though some details are wrong. Namely the steps and handrails on the sides. Also these R/C trucks didn't have an interior. Just black plastic windows. Total cost was $7 (the price of the trash truck). I didn't really need that other truck to make it. I could've used the parts off of the Peterbilt (i'll make a custom out of the trash truck in the future), which would've made it free. Hopefully one of these days i'll get ahold of one of the actual 1:32 scale model kits of the truck that were made.

My Model Trucks (Part 2)
More of my1/32 model Petes and K-Whoppers The 63'' flat top bunk and KW round headlights are from jpgraphiks.com

A woman driving the truck with oversize loads

RC Trucks - Model Hobby fair (Prague Letnany)
Several views over area with many RC trucks. Video has been captured on Model Hobby fair in Prague. You can see that some trucks are really powerful.

How To: Paint Plastic Model Cars And Trucks
Just a tip video. I hope you all enjoy! Thanks for the new friends and subscribers and all of your comments!

My Truck Room
My hobby room where I build and display my model trucks.

Kenworth W900 Wrecker 1:25
Plastic modelkit from Revell

My modell collection
My modell collection, Conrad,Nzg,Joal,Herpa,Ertl,Gescha 163 Stück/piece Episode 1

My Model Trucks (part 3)
More of my custom 1/32 scale trucks. The burgundy Pete is a replica of my real 99 Pete, with more custom stuff than I could possibly list, but it has a Canadian Class Interior, modified flat top cab into an ultracab, and corrected the bunk, to name a few. The engine is green b/c my pete has a detroit in it. Yeah, I know, laugh, but my other truck has a 600+ Cat to make up for it ;) The green truck is my first shot at a 2005 or newer door/miorror setup. I needed to try the ultracab and the 05-newer doors for my next project; A replica of my 2005 379X! Hope to get that project started in the next month or so. Enjoy!

F.D.N.Y Ambulance New York Fire Department
For Sale they make me an offer.My custon made POLICE CARS in 1/18 scale. You can view some video clips. All the cars are custom made, using 1/18 scale die cast cars of high quality. If you have some questions or wish to contact me please do so

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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astrologo, Engine: 2jzgte, Turbos: gt4276 Tires: MT drag radial 28/10.5

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Sean Miller, Engine: LQ4, Tires: 275-60-15 MT ET street

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