Toyota Supra 1200 HP Lambo Murcielago LP-640 Toyota Supra 1200 HP Lambo Murcielago LP-640 Dubai painted in Kandygreen including Airbrush and Chrome Paintjob powered by

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500+HP Toyota Supra Review | Does it Live to the Hype?
With less than 10lbs of Boost and a 71r turbonetics turbo on a 2JZ motor this 20 year old Supra brought butterflies I never expected. The MkIV Supra has become the "Hero Car" ever since 2001, with the release of The Fast and Furious and its star role with Paul Walker. I was honored to get behind the wheel of this sleeper Supra which is no slouch. This Supra was built by D Automotive in San Diego, CA. You can contact them at (858)-243-5086 You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my BRZ, vlogs and everything else that I record and share with you. ► $50 off Ambit Wheels using “TJ_HUNT” at ►E and T Apparel: ►Follow me on Instagram @tjhunt_ ►Follow me on WheelWell: ►Follow me on Twitter @McTeeg Outro done Ryan Ruckuss: Song used:


Turbo Supra From hell !!
turbo Supra From hell !!

Supra-1300HP Crank Beast
Warning Danger Supra on The Street