Celica GT Turbo Dyno Run.

Celica GT 2001.

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Celica GT @ 8.5psi
A video of my 2003 Celica GT

Turbo Celica GT Dyno Run
My 00 Celica GT-T making a pull on a Mustang Dyno. Made 239whp and 214wtq that run with a best of 241 that day. mods are C2 Power turbo kit @9psi(GT2860r turbo), ACT clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, Custom 3" Exhaust, Apexi PFC, ect..

Wichetek Celica GT Turbo @ The Dyno
Wichetek Racing crew Celica GT turbo. came to the Dyno with 220 and came out with 249-250whp 30whp just on a bit of tuning...

2004 Celica GT Turbo
First attempt at making a video