Sebring STO Race 08Jan11 Laps 7-8

SCCA Sebring National 08Jan11

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SCCA Turkey Trot Miata and RX7 Crash
Buddy Hendricks was driving/testing our RX7 at Sebring International Raceway. Coming out of turn 7 (safety pin) and going 3 wide into turn 8 with the hope everyone will hold their lines, didn't turn out so well... After watching closer, #156 on the outside of #141, both were on the track until #156 pinched #141 into our car, which turned our car sideways then both #156 and #141 made impact on the side of our car. Meanwhile #71 got a good show and spun out trying to avoid a collision.

Roll Over at Sebring
Qualifying for Winter Vacation Majors at Sebring brings a roll over of my STL Miata in turn 16. Car and driver fine. Banged out two fenders, one door and refilled transmission fluid which drained out of the upside down car. In the next qualification round I qualified to race.

Spec Miata Mayhem at Sebring - Nov 2013 SCCA Turkey Trot Race
Qualified poorly at 16th out of 50. Bad start and shuffled back to 23rd by turn 3. Great fun working up through the field to finish 10th. This is why we love racing Spec Miata!

Homestead 20110114 BMW 325 Scott Schlesinger 1 Created.MPG
Practice laps for SCCA National race at Homestead Speedway