03 Chevy Duramax vs 6.2L Vortec

First time drag racing my Duramax. Unknown times.

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Silverado 6.2l vs Silverado 6.0l

In this duramax compilation you see all kinds of Duramax Doing Boosted launches, smokey burnouts, flyby's etc etc!! Let me know in a comment what you want to see in a next video!! If you have any video material which you want me to use in a next video, please donate it trough videosuper69charger@gmail.com Be sure u watch it in HD. Hope you enjoyed! Please SUBSCRIBE and leave a message!!!

WHY I Bought a Duramax over a Cummins or Powerstroke... + How Much Did it Cost?
Going over some of the reasons why I chose a Duramax when I was looking for a new truck, as well as how much did it cost? Thanks for watching!

lb7 duramax vs a 5.3 truck
5.3 ext cab 2wd truck has long tubes cam, tune. The 4wd crew cab dirtymax has 5 inch straight pipe, quadzilla tuner set on 90hp, and a ppe Boost valve.