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How To Diagnose A P0128 - A Faulty Thermostat
A P0128 is a code is an indication of a faulty thermostat or ECT (engine coolant temp sensor). The manufacture designs the engine to run at a specific operating temperature for the most efficient operation. The thermostat regulates the coolant between the engine and radiator. If the thermostat sticks open or is weak, the coolant does not get to desired temp level. If the thermostat sticks the the engine will overheat causing damage. We simply show a quick way to check proper thermostat operation.

Engine Hot A/C Turned Off Silverado
This applies to 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 4.3L V6 WT models. It could also apply to other vehicles with the same motor. Do any repairs at your own risk. If your Chevy Silverado Work Truck DIC says "Engine Hot A/C Turned Off" and turns the radiator fans on full speed on cold days this is a possible solution to your problem. Your dash thermometer will also fail to read a temperature, it will remain at 160 in the off position. The problem is that the thermostat is faulty. It is either stuck open or is opening early. The engine needs to warm up to operating temperature as quickly as possible to reduce engine wear. When the engine takes too long to warm up on a cold day because the thermostat opened early or was stuck open, the truck's computer is programed to think that it shouldn't trust the reading from the temperature sending unit. When the computer doesn't trust the temperature sending unit it enters fail safe mode, turns off the A/C and turns the radiator fans on high, in order to protect the motor from overheating. The key to this issue is that it only occurs on cold days. The truck is not actually overheating, it is actually running at too low of an operational temperature.

DIY How To Change a Thermostat on a 2005 2006 2007 2008 Chevy Chevrolet Equinox Pontiac Torrent
Before you consider paying upwards of $150-300 follow these instructions and buy your own quality parts and you can insure it's done right and you aren't being overcharged. Very easy to do, literally takes a few minutes. Stop throwing money out the window and DIY. Thermostat tells the car how much antifreeze to flush to the engine to keep it cool. If it's not flowing expect it to run hot. Hot engines equal cracked engine, cracked engine is no good might as well part out the car! lol The primary function of a thermostat is to maintain a minimum operating temperature in your car's engine. When you start your engine cold, the antifreeze / coolant mixture is kept within the engine by the thermostat. When the coolant temperature reaches the specified opening point of the thermostat, it opens. Coolant will then flow through the radiator to keep the engine at a temperature close to the rated temperature of the thermostat. Most of today's cars and trucks are designed to operate with a 195* F thermostat. If a lower temperature thermostat has been installed, it will affect several systems in your car. A vehicle with a computer controlled carburetor or fuel injection will sense the lower temperature and compensate by making the engine run richer, causing excessive fuel consumption and possibly a high idle. A lower temperature thermostat will also decrease the amount of heat available to keep you warm and defrost your windshield. Then again, if your thermostat is stuck partially or completely open, you will have the same symptoms as an incorrect thermostat. Unfortunately, a thermostat that is stuck only slightly open will cause double trouble. It will make the engine take much longer to warm up, but may not allow enough coolant to flow at high speed to keep the engine cool and might cause an overheating condition. A thermostat can last many years but it might be a good idea to have it replaced the next time your cooling system is being serviced as a preventive maintenance procedure. Also, remember that most manufacturers recommend a cooling system reverse Flush and refill every two years.

02-09 Chevy Colorado 2.8L How to Replace Water Pump Step by Step
Water Pump Replacement on 2005 Chevrolet Colorado. This is my first attempt at recording and editing. Please leave feedback! I am a machinist and maintenece mechanic by day. Hope this is useful. Thank you for watching!