Nitrous V8 Ford Bronco - wild ride!

Running low tens on the day was this wild ride Nitrous small block V8 powered Ford Bronco. MRCUBE

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Ford Bronco MRCUBE
Rob's 427ci Nitrous assisted Windsor powered Ford Bronco runs into the 9-second zone at Calder Park.

Bullivant Racing V8 twin turbo Torana
Small Block Chev 406ci twin turbo V8 blow through by Bullivant Automotive runs consistent eight second passes at Calder Park.

2JZ Supra launch testing
Darren Maxwell's Toyota Supra 6spd manual at Calder Park.

Turbo 4s and Rotors - Calder Park Dec 17th
Includes Rick's 1.5L Starlet improving to 11.3s, Peters 10-second 1.6L Ford Laser, 11-second EVO3 Lancer and TUFBEE 13B turbo rotary RX-3.