Ninja 636 -- shortening 2004 factory exhaust (part 2)

My brother and I were marginally impressed with the sound and look of my chopped Suzuki muffler (part 1) so we took to hacking away on his Kawasaki can instead. There is no merit implied towards the work (damage) we've done and no performance gains are to be expected since we only did this for kicks...

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Delboy's Garage, How-to 'Stubby' a Yoshi Race can.
We all like 'stubby' Exhaust cans, they look better, and sound better too, and some are dead easy to chop down in length, they are just two stainless caps and a central tube. The Yoshimura RS-3 race can however, is internally welded and has cast alloy end caps that are pressed in, but there are no jobs that cannot be surmounted with a beer and some contemplation... i made it happen, and here's how.! Enjoy.

Shorten Leo Vince Exhaust on SV650s
Photos here. horten-Exhaust/

How to make your own exhaust (96 CBR F3)
So I've been doing a lot of research on Exhaust for my bike when a good friend of mine suggested that I just "stubby" my stock muffler. I was like, "no shit ?! that would be cool.". So I found one vid on it as well as some forum threads. I didnt have much tools to do it with other then: - An old ass hacksaw -A drill -A flat head screw driver -A mini sledge hammer -And a ton of my MAN POWER !!! RRAAAWWWRRRR !!!! MEAT !! FOOTBALL !!! YEAH !!!!! It took my a long time to finish it, but over all Im happy with the results. It sounds better then before AND I noticed an increase in horsepower. This has been a project bike for me and all I wanna do next is have the valves adjusted and well as the carbs synced. Total cost for this was around $26. -$20 for the muffler shop to weld the tip to the newly cut muffler. -$5.99 for a can of engine block spray paint. Im also gonna do some more D.I.Y. upgrades such as a usb charger adapter :-) so keep an eye out for those vids. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

GSX-R600 -- shortening 2005 factory exhaust (part 1)
Not a very good how-to in cronological regards, but I managed to take it apart after the fact and at least describe some of the steps I took. For a film-as-we-chop version of cutting down a factory can, see part 2 where my brother and I tear into his Ninja muffler.