Ninja 636 -- shortening 2004 factory exhaust (part 2)

My brother and I were marginally impressed with the sound and look of my chopped Suzuki muffler (part 1) so we took to hacking away on his Kawasaki can instead. There is no merit implied towards the work (damage) we've done and no performance gains are to be expected since we only did this for kicks...

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How to stubby exhaust
Cutting Exhaust short. It will work on most of the Exhausts. If help needed just let me know.

shorten akrapovic exhaust


GSX-R600 -- shortening 2005 factory exhaust (part 1)
Not a very good how-to in cronological regards, but I managed to take it apart after the fact and at least describe some of the steps I took. For a film-as-we-chop version of cutting down a factory can, see part 2 where my brother and I tear into his Ninja muffler.