70 hemicuda street car vs LS1 camaro

'70 hemicuda, pumpgas, all motor, drag radials, 3800# street car vs. a near stock LS1 Camaro. not even a race, but a decent wheelstand nonetheless. cuda has been selected for the 2008 Hot Rod pump gas drags.

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Talk about two totally different approaches to making power in a drag race matchup! Bill Houghton is his '69 'Cuda, aptly named "Mr Nasty" powered by a fresh, 521ci Mopar Hemi that required to front half the car in order to get it to fit, sporting twin turbos, and running drag radials matches up against the well known Messino & Sons "Shake Rattle & Run" 1900hp 633ci Nitrous fed, big tire '57 Chevy. Bill only with his 6th pass with the new combo and first time getting the car to stick comes on strong with a 6.76@188.17mph as Shake Rattle & Run gets a great launch but shuts down early and still runs 7.54@143.38mph. The '57 has been in the 6's and over 200mph as has Bill with an older setup running 6.76@218.69mph! I would love to see a rematch when both cars are at the top of their game! RT66 Classic 8-15-15

70 hemicuda vs LS1 camaro (white)
70 hemicuda, pumpgas N/A street car vs LS1 Camaro...gutted (one seat), no plates, race car

426 Hemi Cuda vs 426 Hemi Coronet R/T - 1/4 mile drag race video - Road Test TV
http://www.RoadTestTV.com 1/4 mile drag race between a very rare 1970 426 Hemi Cuda and a rare 1967 Hemi Coronet R/T. Both cars are powered by Chrysler's dual quad 426 Hemi monster. The Hemi Cuda 1 of 652 built and the 1967 Hemi Coronet is 1 of 772. Road Test TV - We Live Hi Performance! Please SUBSCRIBE http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=roadtesttv

hemicuda vs SB mustang
heads up, 'cuda on motor, Mustang on one system.