Seth's Sound Quality 1986 Porsche 944 Turbo! AMAZING SQ Video!

This is my co-worker Seth's sexy sounding fast little red machine. One of the BEST sounding stereo's i have EVER heard. Mostly because it has output and clarity. You don't have to jam french cafe' music to enjoy this SQ plays ANYTHING! Currently the vehicle is set-up for street rocking sound......and not it's normal SQ competing mode. Listen to this on some NICE headphones or Home stereo rig! Also GFY's

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Best SQ Demo EVER-Sound Quality 1987 Buick Grand National Turbo- Hertz, Audison, and Image Dynamics
This is SQ World Champion David Woods 1987 Buick Grand National. This thing sounded AMAZING! And now you get to experience it at home! Watch this on a really nice home stereo and be amazed! I uploaded the audio in 5.1 Surround.......ENJOY!

PORSCHE 944 turbo review with sounds and racing
Review of the Porsche 944 turbo (951); with interior, sounds, and racing of one of the world's most impressive automobiles. This car sold the day after this video was made. The 1988 Porsche 944 turbo in this video had upgraded brakes, wastegate, blow-off, wheels, Exhaust, chips, and a K6-super six turbo assembled by Evergreen turbo; producing 275hp, with a 0-60mph time in under five seconds. Pretty good for a 2.5 liter inline four cylinder engine. There's nothing poor about this man's Porsche!

SQ Demo with the Owner of DAD! James's Sexy Accord Wagon-Project Baby Hauler
Hey there folks....this is the owner of DAD's ride! (DUH!) The S's and Q's are flying EVERYWHERE in this video! So sit back and relax....throw on some nice headphones and enjoy the best mic in the car audio video game! lol And while your at it.......GFY's

SQ DEMO of My Almost Finished Front Stage! Sade FTMFW!!!!!!!
I say almost because i'm getting a new amp for the Enjoy Sade-Lovers Rock .....Don't care what people can hear the SQ in this vid!!!!!! lol