Desert Eagle 50 caliber one hand

This is me (Roger) shooting my american made desert eagle chambered in 50 action express, with one hand.

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Desert Eagle 50 Caliber: Is it Practical in Real Life Usage or is it Video Game fantasy? Neal and Jarred are back with the Desert Eagle 50 Caliber “hand cannon” in this episode of Unloaded Gun Reviews. More than just a major attention getting device at the local gun range, the .50 cal pistol is a real powerhouse. Neal discusses just how practical lugging the weight of the handgun around while Jarred focuses on what we all think about when we see this gun. Just how fun is it to shoot? Official Site: More gun reviews just like this one: Facebook page: Shop our guns here: Unloaded Gun Reviews is a fun way to keep up to date with gun news, reviews and opinions from those that are most plugged into the industry. Neal and Jarred eat sleep and breathe guns daily. Each of them have logged over 5,000 hours in the range with all manner of rifles, handguns, and tactical weaponry. Tune in frequently as they talk shop, discuss the latest guns and give their opinions. *Copyright Notice - All content is created and owned by those appearing in the videos. For more information contact us on

Desert Eagle .50 Cal One Handed
Shooting the Desert Eagle .50 Caliber One Handed. This pistol has a lot of recoil one handed but one of my favorite pistols to shoot. Hope You Enjoy & Thanks For Watching. ***If you like this video Please Like, Favorite and Subscribe.*** Info, pricing and links below, check it out! Desert Eagle, .50 AE, Polished Chrome DE50PC Desert Eagle® Mark XIX Pistol, .50 AE, Polished Chrome MSRP: $1,912.00 6" barrel, 7 round Pistol Link: ol... Magnum Research Link:

Desert Eagle .50AE shooting
This is the polished nickel Desert Eagle .50AE they cost around $1,800 to $1,900. If you can afford one you should buy one, However ammo for it cost $35 a box of 20 rounds of .50AE

shooting 500 SMITH AND WESSON ONE HANDED TEXAS GAL Teri LaFaye Pistol Poet
I am Teri LaFaye--The Pistol Poet. I support the 2nd Amendment and LOVE Texas. I shoot dueling stance 'cowboy style" with a great deal of PRACTICE. It is a signature preference of mine. The caliber is .50 and this grain is 350 FACTORY BOX loads, not reloads. Ammunition:  Winchester Super-X Ammunition 500 S&W Magnum 350 Grain Jacketed Hollow . The truck is a Tundra 2011. SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE