Desert Eagle 50 caliber one hand

This is me (Roger) shooting my american made desert eagle chambered in 50 action express, with one hand.

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Desert Eagle 50AE kicks in my face!
I had a pumpkin from halloween. So i decided to shoot it to see what size of hole the DE would put in it, then i shot it with my smith and wesson Governor and my glock 19 and my AR-15 m4 basicly i just cut it in half and had fun doing it... I had the intension to blow it up but the desert eagle 50AE AE puts a huge hole in it at first then i also blow the stim off! Split it in half with the AR. The AR takes a minute to load just fast forward because i had to take out my cmmg .22 conversion kit first with a wrench.

One handed Desert Eagle (HUGE FIREBALL!)
I had a few requests of doing just a video with the Desert Eagle. Well I had a few mins today and I got one together. So enjoy my first time firing this pistol! Music by: Kevin MacLeod

Desert Eagle Chapter 2
More fun and gunning with the huge Desert Eagle! Search the channel for Desert Eagle if you've not seen our earlier videos with this pistol. Our other Desert Eagle videos: Desert Eagle: Deser Eagle at 230 Yards: Desert Eagle vs Watermelons:

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