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Audi R8 Replica 2017 Full Kit To Complete Car
Audi R8 Replica 2017 Full Kit To Complete Car Special thanks to Top Shelf Sounds

Lamborghini Aventador Kit Car Replica: For Sale
whats up guys, just passing by my buddys work where they deal with alot of replicas and kit cars buying and selling. im told this is loosely based off of a pontiac fiero with a N/a Gm 300 series 2 motor. Body and roof have been completely redesigned with molds made from genuine Lamborghini Parts. a few un even lines here and there but for under $75,000 you get a car that looks the part and doesnt break the bank

Turismo Evolution GT Porsche Carrera GT Boxster Replica Kit Car
This was filmed during my recent trip to the Autosport show at the NEC in Birmingham back in January but I never got around to uploading all my content from that event. Turismo is a kit car company specialising in Porsche replicas. This particular car is the Evolution GT which is based on the Porsche Boxster and with some design features from the legendary Porsche Carrera GT. Don't forget to follow us on social media. Instagram - Facebook - Website -

Last lamorghini of carkit inc. Fiero base 04 audi A8 with a Quattro transmission