Mercedes benz E55 593rwhp at RDP Motorsport USA

E55 Mercedes Benz on Dyno at RDP Motorsport being tuned

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Weistec Supercharged E55 making 578 RWHP and 598 RWTQ on 91 Octane This E55 AMG is outfitted with our Weistec 3.0L M113K Supercharger, Full Exhaust System, 82mm Throttle Body, Weistec Cold Air Intake, and 91 Octane Fuel. It puts down 578 RWHP and 597 RWTQ.

MC Design Whips Murdered Out 2006 Mercedes E55 AMG
This hot E55 features a combination of custom work consisting of murdering out and blacking of the entire exterior along with matte black staggered wheels, Exhaust, grill, and emblems. Leaving no area untouched, MC Design made it hot.

650hp S4 vs 600hp E55 AMG (part 2)
Two persons in S4 but only a driver in E55, the second run!

DC Performance Dyno E55 AMG Eurocharged Tune
This E55 AMG has modified Exhaust (eisenmann) and Eurocharged Tuning. DC Performance Dynamometer testing and Maintenance Center has the right tools and experience to work on your Mercedes AMG! please visit us @