Omni goes 10's AGAIN !!!!!!!!

"Top Fuel" Bender omni goes 10's again Cecil Country Dragway Super Stallions of the Net Nationals 2008

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Omni GLH SRT4 Dyno run
It's a '99 Stratus engine, SRT4 turbofold, E85 fuel, MegaSquirt II fuel and spark. It made 278ft/lbs torque at 2700rpm and 256.7hp at 5562rpm. Boost was at 8psi. This was a dynapack Dyno. No straps on the car at all, parking brake wasn't even set. LOVE Dynapack!

Corby's Turbo Omni at RMR 11.59 at 121 mph
Corby running his Omni at Rocky Mountain Raceway 11.59 at 121 mph

1985 Dodge Omni GLH-T

GLHS Turbo Dodge tearin up the track
a GLHS charger screamin down the track