Omni goes 10's AGAIN !!!!!!!!

"Top Fuel" Bender omni goes 10's again Cecil Country Dragway Super Stallions of the Net Nationals 2008

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Dodge Omni GLH SRT4 on E85
It's a Dodge Omni GLH, that now has an SRT4 powerplant under the hood. SRT4 turbo on a 2.4L engine. It's running E85 for fuel, MegaSquirt for engine management. I'm just playing with it a bit here, the engine is cold, and I haven't tuned it for the 100lb injectors yet.

1985 Dodge Omni GLH-T

Omni GLH SRT4 Dyno run
It's a '99 Stratus engine, SRT4 turbofold, E85 fuel, MegaSquirt II fuel and spark. It made 278ft/lbs torque at 2700rpm and 256.7hp at 5562rpm. Boost was at 8psi. This was a dynapack Dyno. No straps on the car at all, parking brake wasn't even set. LOVE Dynapack!

GLHS 432 is alive
Posted for my friend Chris Papademetrious Pics at : art=0 Car is currently in the Shelby Museum in Las Vegas.