black CR-Z with some Mugen aero kit

Beautiful shiny Honda CR-Z in Crystal Black Pearl, with some Mugen body kit and wheels. Mugen Aero Kit: - Front Sports Grille (illumination lights unattached) - Front Under Spoiler (fog lights unattached) - Side Spoiler - Rear Under Spoiler Mugen Wheels: - Aluminum Wheel NR "Silver" (17x7JJ+48) Product Detail:

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ハイブリッドスポーツCR-Zで最高速250km/hオーバーに挑戦! ! Vol.01はノーマルエンジンのポテンシャルをテストコース でチェックします。 さらに詳しい情報はHKSのホームページで! I challenge highest speed 250km/h over in hybrid sports CR-Z! Vol.01 checks the potential of the normal engine in a test course.

Acceleration Honda CR-Z
-Takeda Intake -T1R Downpipe -Remus Center Exhaust

CR-Z all 7 colors (全7色)
Honda CR-Z with all 7 colors introduced at Honda HQ, Japan. Order of appearance: 1. Premium White Pearl 2. Dark Pewter Metallic (sold in Japan and Germany only?) 3. Horizon Turquoise Pearl 4. Brilliant Orange Metallic (Japan specific color) 5. Milano Red 6. Storm Silver Metallic 7. Crystal Black Pearl Important note: Some color names are different between Japan and other countries. Sometimes the actual color is the same, but could have different names. ---------------------------------------- Check out other CR-Z videos with these colors: Premium White Pearl - world's first CR-Z race car - - complete Mugen CR-Z - - TEIN CR-Z - - CR-Z concept 2009 - - Premium White Pearl color sample - - CR-Z stock Exhaust - Dark Pewter Metallic - CR-Z my first ride - Crystal Black Pearl - black CR-Z with some Mugen aero kit - ---------------------------------------- "Popular Color Ranking" in Japan after the first 1 month sale.

Honda tuning specialist, SEEKER is now with CR-Z. The first thing they released is the bodykit. It sure does make the car look more aggressive and passionate! In the near future they will come up with intake/Exhaust and suspension kit. Hope to see them compete with SPOON CR-Z! [One Fact about SEEKER] SEEKER and SPOON are located just 5 minutes walk from each other. Wonder if they ever visit each other in a casual way? [SEEKER website] *in Japanese only