dodge ram flowmaster super 44

1999 dodge ram 5.9 highflow magnaflow direct fit cat flowmaster super44

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Flowmaster Super 40 vs Super 44?
This is my Silverado. I am debating installing the Super 40's or the Super 44's. What do you think? The engine is a 86-95 350ci block, four bolt mains, roller cam. Bored .040" ZZ4 rotating assembly, Speed Pro H345NCP-40 pistons 10.7:1 static compression, .032" Quench/Squish height. Patriot 'Vortec' 185cc heads, 2.02"/1.6" valves, Beehive springs. Comp XR276HR-10 cam, 1.52 rockers. Air-Gap dual plane, 1" four hole tapered spacer, Mighty Demon 750cfm annular Boosters. MSD ignition, Summit dist dialed in for 36 degrees @ 3000rpm. 18 degrees initial. +12 vacuum advance on manifold vacuum.

1997 Dodge Ram Flowmaster 40 Dual Exhaust Before
This is my latest aquisition, a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT, with the 4x4 Laramie Package. Its Copper and Silver in color, the first of its kind in that color. It has a short bed and extended Cab. Puttin out 220 horsepower, 300 ft. lbs. of torque, and a whopping.....13 miles/gallon City....;( It's great truck though. I put overloads in the back, and so far between it 5.2L (318 Cu. In.) V8 Magnum, and those springs, I can put over 2400lbs. in the bed, and pull about 12000 lbs.; yes I have towed that much with this beast. Now enough about the raw power under the hood, this video is about the Flowmaster 40 Series Exhaust I put on it. I'm doing a before burnout video, and after its been cooked out for a while. This is obviously the before. Its has dual 2.5 inch pipes attached to the muffler which is the flowmaster Cat-back. In other words one inlet, then divides into 2 outlets. So no, its not true dual, but this still will be neat. I have no proof of this, but the box says that the muffler will improve gas economy, and HP. Let's see!

2004 Dodge Ram with Flowmaster Super 44
My 04 Ram 4.7 liter magnum V8 with a Flowmaster Super 44,3 inch pipes and 3 1/2 inch tips..Thanks for watching.

Dodge Ram 5.9 Exhaust (Flowmaster 40)
1999 dodge ram sport 4x4 5.9. 3 inch lift on 35s and an air raid cold air intake. 40 series flowmaster (si/do) with a stock cat. I'm getting a new Exhaust system soon so i put this up for comparison. its my first vid so sorry about the editing and not revving it all that loud, it sounded loud from inside but i guess its not lol