Webber vomiting in formula 1

Webber drives his F1 car and ind the middle of the track he starts to vomit.

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Webber crash Valencia 2010
Mark hits Heikki and launches the Red Bull car into the air and lands upside down! On board camera is the best view of an airborne crash!

Mark Webber removes helmet in last F1 race, whilst Vettel donuts, Brazil 2013
Mark Webber takes off his lid at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix, celebrating his last race in Formula 1, 24th November 2013

Funny insurance commercial
This is why you should have an insurance :)

Mark Webber BEST team radio compilation EVER!
1: Japan '07 ''I'm vomiting" 2: Silverstone '13 "What the hell happened on that start" 3: Germany '09 "Yes, yes yes" 4: Brazil '12" "Which switch is that" 5: Silverstone '09 "We saw it mark" 6: Silverstone '10 ''Not bad for a number 2 driver'' 7: Belgium '11 ''I never got the call to pit" 8: Monaco '06 "Charlie F***ing wake up!" 9: Malaysia '13 Vettel / Webber "Multi 21" 10: Brazil '13 "You can be proud of everything you have done"