Webber vomiting in formula 1

Webber drives his F1 car and ind the middle of the track he starts to vomit.

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1999 - Le Mans - Aftermath of Mark Webber's warm-up accident
During Thursday's qualifying session, Mark Webber's #4 Mercedes-Benz CLR went off in a big way and flipped at high speed at the fast approach towards Indianapolis and the driver was taken away by ambulance. But later on he was fine to carry on with his weekend at Le Mans. Well the good news is that the #4 Mercedes has been rebuilt over night, so has Mark Webber and they were reunited in time for the morning warm up. Now the bad news...the #4 Mercedes is back on its roof ! Yes,it is true believe it or not.It looks as if precisely the same thing happened as last time, same car. same driver, and much the same circumstances. Mark Webber must have wished he stayed in bed this morning or maybe let Jean-Mar Gounon or Marcel Tiemann take the car out. Mercedes will have a spot of bother convincing us media lot that the car didnt wind up on its roof this time! This was on Webbers out lap. We wonder what the team are thinking at the moment but both other cars are still out there and the other team drivers must be just a mite apprehensive dont you think ? Not wishing to be too tabloid about this bit of local difficulty but Mercedes did have another spot of bother here in 1955. So is it just the #4 car that is spooked or quite incredibly unlucky? Eventually at 11.30am on race-day, Mark Webber went home - he's had enough. Webber went airborne again with the car this time flipping end over end after cresting the Mulsanne 'bosse' (again the wake of other cars), landed on its roof, and slid all the way to the Mulsanne corner escape road. Again the 21-year old driver escaped with bruising from his harness.

Reving Formula 1 engine
Alonso revs Renault engine to its limits by remote control.

Webber Penalty-Fernando Alonso stops to give Webber a lift-Singapore GP 2013
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Top 10 Unluckiest F1 Drivers
Today's top 10 bravely ventures into another massively ambiguous topic on which no one can agree (the number one was consequently somewhat intentionally misplaced, and has certainly cause disquiet among commenters) - that of F1's most unfortunate drivers. Though some might be inclined to suggest that you make your own luck (a favourite phrase of Mr. Brundle's), it is often the case that drivers with the potential for greatness were baulked in their quest to scale F1's misty peak toward the little-treaded brow of success, and rather were stuck at base camp searching for an oxygen tank and some buddies to help along the ascent. If you'll pardon the mountain-scaling analogy, F1 has consistently seen throughout its history the rise of unexceptional drivers to take the title, whilst drivers of more outright natural talent have, for whatever reason, remained in the background, unable to find their feet in the higher reaches of the sport. Of course, such things are what makes F1 interesting, as seeing Alonso in a Red Bull throughout 2012 might not have offered quite the same spectacle as provided in his battling with the errant F2012, putting it where no man should reasonably have been able to position that car in races (you may not like him, but 2012 must be conceded as a masterful display of his talents). Similarly, speculation as to what could have been for Webber had he taken the Renault seat are rather meaningless, in the way of hypothesising how wars might have unfolded differently had a commander taken a different decision (the old Hitler or Buonaparte and the Russian winter argument). It's also the case that the media can spin the perception of a driver's luck or lack thereof, as has been seen with Webber at Red Bull, where he actually had a similar number of reliability issues as Seb, and on the racing front simply wasn't quick enough in the latter years to lead from the front as Seb was inclined to do, and consequently found himself entangled in an awful lot of unwanted carnage with first lap nutcases and other such unsavoury fellows. The video rather spiralled out of proportion in length, and so is rather text heavy, backed by two Oasis piano instrumental tracks that I, for one, rather enjoy. Lastly, whilst doing a bit of off tangent research, I encountered this 1982 season review, whose commentator is hilarious throughout, and whose services should be commissioned for all pre-1996 season reviews http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2lq0a7 Just three more weeks until the 2017 season ramps up!