Webber vomiting in formula 1

Webber drives his F1 car and ind the middle of the track he starts to vomit.

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Mark Webber Matteo Cressoni Huge Crash 2014 WEC Season Finale in Sao Paulo
The 2014 #WEC season ends with a massive crash during the final race as Mark Webber and Matteo Cressoni make contact in the final kink, sending both cars hard into the wall Cressoni was okay, Mark Webber is awake and alert

Funny insurance commercial
This is why you should have an insurance :)

Mark Webber removes helmet in last F1 race, whilst Vettel donuts, Brazil 2013
Mark Webber takes off his lid at the end of the Brazilian Grand Prix, celebrating his last race in Formula 1, 24th November 2013

Webber Penalty-Fernando Alonso stops to give Webber a lift-Singapore GP 2013
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