Matchbox Swamp Raider Follow-Up And Shout-Outs

Matchbox Play Sets Playlist Can the projectile launcher from the Croc Escape Pop Us Playset fit in the back of the Swamp Raider? Let's find out! (Links are down here!) Croc Escape Pop Up Adventure Playset Jungle Adventure 5-Pack (red Swamp Raider) Hot Wheels Color (Shape) Shifters Cliff Hanger Fire Station

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Matchbox Croc Escape Pop Up Adventure From 2008
Matchbox Play Sets Playlist If you want to just see the action, jump to 8:37 Special 2009 collector booklet is after 14:15 Matchbox Pop Up Haunted House Link Swamp Raider follow-up

Extreme Shoxx Downhill Racing Rip Rod and Rip Shredder Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway
Extreme Shoxx Playlist Trucks and Playsets If you'd like to see my other Hot Wheels Extreme Traxx videos and reviews, the links are here. Extreme Shoxx Product Review and Track Testing Boulder Bash Canyon Play Set Review Desert Loop Dare Extreme Shoxx Track Set Review Triple Air Challenge from Hot Wheels Extreme Shoxx If you like the Super 6-Lane Raceway, here's my playlist of other races. If you like seeing Hot Wheels models tested on the track, here is my Track Time By Race Grooves Playlist The models raced in this video are: Baja Truck (white) Da Kar (orange) Da Kar (clear yellow) Rip Shredder (green) Rip Rod (black) Rockster (blue) Rockster (New color! purple) Baja Bone Shaker (red) Baja Bone shaker (New color! yellow) Quicksand New casting/model! (teal?) Mega-Duty II New casting/model! (green) Mega-Duty II New casting/model! (pewter/silver) Fans of Hot Wheels will recognize Rip Rod and Rip Shredder from the Team Hot Wheels Origin Of Awesome videos and movies. Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Matchbox Adventure Links Service Center
Matchbox Play Sets Playlist Matchbox Adventure Links Playlist It is nice to see Mattel's Matchbox division getting some playsets that make sense for all of their vehicles that we would normally see around town. Actual city streets and scenes for our utility vehicles, tow trucks, police and fire vehicles!

Matchbox Cliff Hanger Shark Escape Playset Review
Matchbox Cliff Hanger Playlist Matchbox Play Sets Playlist This is my favorite of the Cliff Hanger series of Matchbox toys!