Matchbox Swamp Raider Follow-Up And Shout-Outs

Matchbox Play Sets Playlist Can the projectile launcher from the Croc Escape Pop Us Playset fit in the back of the Swamp Raider? Let's find out! (Links are down here!) Croc Escape Pop Up Adventure Playset Jungle Adventure 5-Pack (red Swamp Raider) Hot Wheels Color (Shape) Shifters Cliff Hanger Fire Station

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Matchbox Croc Escape Pop Up Adventure From 2008
Matchbox Play Sets Playlist If you want to just see the action, jump to 8:37 Special 2009 collector booklet is after 14:15 Matchbox Pop Up Haunted House Link Swamp Raider follow-up

2014 Hot Wheels Halloween Releases Including Ghostbusters Ecto 1 And More!
Halloween singles are offered through Kroger-related stores again for 2014. In California, you may want to check Ralphs and Food4Less. The Bone Shaker would be a nice Monster Jam Halloween release. If you would like to send me a custom drawing of how you would like a future Monster Jam Bone Shaker Halloween release, here is my info: Race Grooves Halloween 2014 Box 227100 Los Angeles, CA 90022 Additional info: 8 1/"2 x 11" (printer paper) PO Box is magazine size so you can mail in a large envelope to stay flat. This is not a contest. There are no prizes. Mattel is not associated with this video. If I receive drawings, I will make a video for Halloween 2014. Please have your mail arrive before October 24, 2014 You can send fan mail here too but they may not be read on video. Nothing will be returned. If you send actual cars, they may be donated to charity. I have a lot of cars already! Target multi-pack: Power Pro aka Super Tsunami (from Police Pursuit 5-pack) Scorpedo (from Monster Mission 5-pack) Skull Crusher (from Monster Mission 5-pack) Tooligan (Flame Fighters 5-pack) Police Pursuit 5-pack models Honda Civic Si '11 Dodge Charger R/T Power Pro (formerly Super Tsunami) Ford Mustang GT Concept Armored Truck Monster Mission 5-pack models Piranha Terror Skull Crusher Scorpedo Solar Reflex Firestorm Flame Fighters 5-pack models Tooligan BLVD Bruiser HW Prototype 12 Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept Car Eagle Massa Fright Cars (2007) '58 Ford Thunderbolt '57 Plymouth Fury Ford Lightning Hot Tube 1935 Cadillac Kroger singles: Rigor Motor '57 Plymouth Fury Bone Shaker Ford Gangster Grin Ghostbusters Ecto-1 These Monster Jam trucks were shown: Grave Digger 2014 Halloween Edition Bone Shaker End-card recommended videos: Monster Jam Grave Digger 2014 Halloween Exclusive Monster Mission 5-pack 2011 Halloween Hot Wheels Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook Small Biz Page Facebook RaceGrooves Community Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

Matchbox 2012 Jungle Adventure 5-Pack With Swamp Raider!
Matchbox Toy Cars Playlist For the earlier part of this century, Matchbox would use certain models exclusively in playsets. One of them was the Swamp Raider. The dirt track used in this display can be seen in my MXS Dirt Track by Jakks Pacific video.

Matchbox Cliff Hanger Shark Escape Playset Review
Matchbox Cliff Hanger Playlist Matchbox Play Sets Playlist This is my favorite of the Cliff Hanger series of Matchbox toys!