94 12V cummins, no fuel plate, Dead Miss

94 cummins 6bt 12V, Silencer ring removed, K&N, No fuel plate, AFC housing slid forward, 4inch to a 5inch stack, Bought with a miss, ive put 12,000 mi on this miss, plans to rebuild head and go from there, 21 mpg av, no fluid swap or loss

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12 valve 5" exhaust, no fuel plate, turned up pump, other than that all stock.
1998 12 valve. 160000 miles 5" farmboysdiesel Exhaust, no fuel plate, turned up injection pump, new transmission, mostly stock

Cummins no fuel plate

In-Cab Fueling Adjuster 12v Cummins
Power Driven Diesel's in-cab fueling adjuster for all mechanical injection 12v Cummins trucks or engines. It's now officially named AFC LIVE (patent pending) and is available for purchase at www.powerdrivendiesel.com AFC LIVE is a new product release (kit) that provides in-cab adjustable tuning for mechanical injection P7100 pump Dodge Cummins pickups from 1989 through early 1998. This kit also works for p-pump swapped trucks or anything powered with a 12valve cummins motor be it rat rod, tractor, Fummins, or your boat.

97 red cummins roll coal
1997 cummins, no fuel plate, star wheel all the way forward, smoke screw in, 5in straight pipe, no silencer ring