Spec E30 Race Road Atlanta 06-16-13

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NASA-SE Spec E30 Race 01/23/2016

Horrific Crash at Road Atlanta Fabrizzio Barbazza Ferarri Knocked in Half 1995
The carreer ending accident of drivers Fabrizio Barbazza and Jeremy Dale on the 1995 IMSA Road Atlanta's 3 hour Grand Prix Race. Jeremy had no place to go and no time to react in one of the fastest corners at Road Atlanta.

Spec E30 - Grace vs. Skeen at VIR
A few laps from February's Spec E30 race at VIR. Driver Robert Grace races Mike Skeen, both drivers turned laps under the previous lap record.

Roebling Road IFU 2017 - Fun Race
Just a fun race with our SE30, 944Spec and SM buddies, interesting start and some Shannanigans with Walter Araya and Rob Eskew at 6:30