Spec E30 Race Road Atlanta 06-16-13

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NASA-SE Spec E30 Race 01/23/2016

BMW 325is Spec E30 Race Car 'Selling The Dream'
Bryan's BMW E30 325is race car is about to exchange owners. Listen and watch Bryan talk about the N.A.S.A Spec E30 race series and his experience racing his beloved BMW 325i, and watching him wheel it around the race track.

12/03/2017 Spec E30 Santa's Toy Run - Fun Race
Another great weekend with our NASA-SE Family, Spec E30 Field of 34 cars - Inverted Field, Rolling Start. Pro Racer Seth Thomas joined us (Red Bull Car Blue #14) we provided him handicapped car (on purpose, lol) he was about 10hp down, it only affected him in the straights, therefore the bump-drafting or pushing. Great group of racers!!! Just too much Fun!

Spec E30 - Grace vs. Skeen at VIR
A few laps from February's Spec E30 race at VIR. Driver Robert Grace races Mike Skeen, both drivers turned laps under the previous lap record.